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BROKEN HOPE (USA-Il): "Hobo Stew" 7" Ep 1993 Metal Blade

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 28/08/2006 20:34:00


Cover Art

Code: 3984-14021-7

Running Time: 8:43

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"Hobo Stew" is a single which was released a bit before "The Bowels of Repugnance", marked from a cover artwork drawn by the hands of the same beloved Rob Smits who also did the full. What's within the envelope? A sickly green trasnparent vinyl, but without neither inner sleeve nor a lyric sheet. Is it my copy only or was it released this way? I have other 7"s by Metal Blade (suck as Cannibal Corpse and Epidemic) and indeed neither have anything but the record so... the songs in here are just a selection picked from the album: "Hobo Stew", "Embryonic Triclops" (this time without the "-" symbol), "Decimated Genitalia"... nothing much more to add. I love the bile green concept a la Re-Animator but these songs are not even a rough mix of the ones in the album, they're the exact same! These songs are obviously amazing, with "Hobo Stew" delivering an immensely dense almost doomy passage, but this is an object to buy only for quenching a collector lust. Well, let's say you get to see Joe Ptacek's face here. Happy?


Tracks (3): 1 - Hobo Stew 2 - Embryonic Triclops 3 - Decimated Genitalia