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BROKEN HOPE (USA-Il): "Repulsive Conception" Cd 1995 Metal Blade

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 28/08/2006 20:33:00


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Running Time: 46:31

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em>Broken Hope is still here in 1995, and Joe Ptacek's beard has exploded one foot in every direction. The most entertaining thing about this album is possibly these insane lyrics. They're really fucking deviated. We got 7th month abortions, porn psychosis, deformed fetuses, freaks, sex changes, death by hybernation you fucking name it. I read these lyrics again and again, Jeremy Wagner is really a master in writing real death metal texts: "Tell me, mother, can you feel the child kick?" (just before the abortion, ahah!), this guy's insane. Musically I can't say I love this album as much as "Bowels" becouse things have become a bit too refined, but here we have solid granitic Death Metal, each riff a slab of concrete, each drum kick a boulder, and the recording's neat without sounding too artificial. There are several solos here, other than a crystalline production so I am pretty sure lovers of ordered Death Metal are going to enjoy this even more than the first two albums. The textures have dilated enormously since the previous albums, condensing in an endless concatenation of chugs. Every song seems made only of staccatos, or vaguely Massacre-ish punch, but luckily some grinding accelerations balance the game. My fave song must be this "Pitbull Grin" with their dog Zaya doing the chorus ah! This album also ends with a fucking wonderful cover of that gay band Twisted Sisters "Captain Howdy" (maximum respect to Dee Snider as a person, but his band always sucked) which sound just killer. This must be amazing to hear in a venue just after a show. The cover art? Benscoter ladies...


Tracks (15): 1 - Dilation and Extraction 2 - Grind Box 3 - Chewed to Stubs 4 - Engorged with Impiety 5 - Swallowed Whole 6 - Erotic Zoophilism 7 - Pitbull Grin 8 - Into the Necrosphere 9 - Essence of Human Pain 10 - The Internal Twin 11 - Penis Envy 12 - For Only the Sick 13 - Freezer Burnt 14 - Imprimis Obscurity 15 - Captain Howdy (Twisted Sisters cover)