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MODUS DELICTI (Ita): "s/t" split Cd with ESKATON (Pol), BLASPHEMER (Ita) 2006 Frost Foundation

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 27/08/2006 15:21:00


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Code: JA-R 01

Running Time: 7:17

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It is really weird to hear that the recording of this Modus Delicty (ex-Nobody) is so below the recording standards of this 3 way. The sound sounds almost garageish, not only heavier on basses but also way rougher... and hell yes now I understand why, this is a live concert, fuck! You hear clapping at the end of the tracks ah! Here we have another example of solid Brutal Death inectricably linked to the American scene, and I'll dare to say, the Southern American scene... The vocals are in the vein of Devourment, ranging from growls to the ree ree grating we all so much love, and so does the drumming remind me a bit of that band from Tx. The instrument however create a sort of ordered chaotic maelstrom of complex breaks, hacked even more into fragments by a protagonist Cryptopsy like bass picking, the thick metallic strings are very prominent here, but while they tend to tear apart the songs into countless small phrases, they also help giving the whole thing a pace since the guitars tend to be a bit fuzzy in the mix, huge brutal death distortion and live recording don't always get along well. So while the music is fast, you don't get the idea of one single flowing riff, but you hear it fluctuate constantly along scales wuthout a shred of melody.


Tracks (3): 7 - Entomologia Forense 8 - The Appearance of Others Existances 9 - Emotional Cooling-Off