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ESKATON (Pol): "s/t" split Cd with BLASPHEMER (Ita), MODUS DELICTI (Ita) 2006 Frost Foundation

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 27/08/2006 15:21:00


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Code: JA-R 01

Running Time: 8:28

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Okay there's the name of a drummer here, so I assume there's really a human being behind the kit, and that man, he's really FAST. That alone would be incredible but my spider sense is pulsing in my head alound. I think that assuming there's really a drummer beneath these songs, this is either the worst studio triggering attempt I have ever heard or the track has been modified during the engineering in some way becouse the last time I heard such a fake sound was with Awful's demo "Absolute Reign" and that time the drums were doubled in speed in the studio! Trying to exclude this horribly fake background noise, you get some unconventional kind of Death Metal, a bit far from the other two bands in approach and structure. First off the songs are not so constantly broken into a moltitude of riffs but mostly follow the traditional structure of even numbers of chirds and chorus. The riffs are okay if not impressively original, the vocals more in the vein of early Deicide than modern day wild boar grunters (eh), that means brutal timbre but quite understandable. I don't know what's exactly but I cannot shrug off the impression that this band is just a one man project recorded in a bedroom with some sound editing software. Maybe it's these horrendous drums that make everything so artificial. In any case I am not overly impressed. The last song of the three remind me a bit of that band Aurora Borealis which was so acclaimed some years ago, but I never liked that one also very much. This is brutal but lacks a bit of the obscure Death Metal feel. Too sterile.


Tracks (3): 4 - Genocide 5 - Crucified by Oblivion 6 - 3 Seconds to Extinction