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ABOMINAT (Nor): "Storms of Calamity" 7" Ep 2006 No Posers Please!

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 26/08/2006 14:08:00


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Code: NPP002

Running Time: 14:58

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The trick of recording the 7" at 33rpm was necessary to fit the demo tracks of this interesting Norwegian Abominat into vinyl without making cuts or adding compression. The package is beautiful and has that cool engraving effect in the middle which is not exploited often these days as well. So if the cover looks a bit like Seagrave's work (a bit too blurred) what can the music inside be like? Well I'll tell you that from the first two seconds, I thought the first song was "Liege of Inveracity" re-recorded ah ah! And hell, the rest of the song keeps that flame alive, total "Effigy of the Forgotten" worship goddammit!!! The pacing, distortion, vocal style, everything reflects a cool tribute to early Suffocation and it works better than Siksakubur or Deep Red if you ask me, this band just sounds fantastic. Judging by the fact these guys look quite young, when I read about old school DM worship I was thinking more of Entorturement, Repudilation, Mangled, Internal Bleeding etc. But hell no, I cannot think of anything else but old Suffo for comparisons. And you cannot blame me, they're so distant from the rest that you either sound like them or you don't. Not even "Sermon of Mockery" captures this spirit so well. So I shall demolish them for being copycats? Hell no, why should I? These guys know how to play. Granitic chunky riffs interconnect rabidly over a frantic drumming, and these powerful vocals spit pure hate with massive compression. The only think I cannot judge is lyrics, which are also quite personal in Suffocation's works, I wonder if the cloning process is being so fine grained eh eh. What can I say, fans of Suffocation have to hear this. And the rest of you cunts too!


Tracks (4): 1 - Ascending Demise 2 - Chaos Cometh (part 1) 3 - Chaos Cometh (part 2) 4 - Majestic Insurrection