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DISKORD (Nor): "hdfh" 7" Ep 2005 Vendlus / No Posers Please! / Nocturnal Cult

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 26/08/2006 13:45:00


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Code: NPP001

Running Time: 7:21

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Might it be just me, but I always found this band amazing, with elements both refreshing and nostalgic, ever since their demo Cd-r landed in my shop in 2003. The band seems to have even progressed further here and now here we get some undecyphrable kind of Death Metal which sounds completely old-school and at the same time weird and experimental. It's like one of those earlier attempts at experimenting with sound coming from bands like Disharmonic Orchestra or Carbonized, not some fluffy jazz shit like that Wombbath Ep I reviewed yesterday. And they're coming from Norway, now that's surprising ah ah! What's killer in these tracks is the perfect balance of down tuned guitar strings and dissonant, grating chords: you get a jumbled mix which is amazingly cool to hear, with a wonderful "retro" taste of mukti-layered metallic distortions and screams from beyond the grave. And the weirdness just doesn't stop here, just look at the wonderful abstract cover or the cryptic lyrics printed on the back of the sleeve. The vocals are grotesque (drummer-vocalist like Cadaver!) but filtered with that radio effect which make them sound vaguely similar to Fudge Tunnel or Helmet, but don't be swayed, they're still totally Death Metal. Give me this shit anytime instead of all the postcore gay haircut bands of today put together. Everything sounds vintage Death Metal and avant-garde at the same time, sprinkled by a thin veil of genius and that nasty sick vibe of Autopsy at times. I won't annoy you too much on the details about how Nuclear Abominations was supposed to release this Ep becouse what matters in the end is that these tracks got released after all. If I were in you, I'd buy it for cheap from this cool label No Posers Please!, it's just limited to 500 hand numbered splatter vinyl copies and has a bonus sticker as well!


Tracks (2): 1 - hdfh 2 - Infested