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CARNIVAL OF CARNAGE (Hol): "They Keep Coming Back in a Bloodthirsty Lust for Human Flesh!" split Cd with BIOCYST (Hol) 2006 Klysma

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 24/08/2006 19:44:00


Cover Art

Code: KLYSM008

Running Time: 38:55

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It is always great to hear Klysma releasing sick quality gore splatter grind noize shit for our sickheads! This split Cd contains projects by two of the most prolific minds in the Dutch goregrind scene that is Rogier and Marc, and well, it's a fucking challenge to swallow it in a single breath, it's fucking heavy! The Carnival of Carnage side has a neat, sharp cover which reminds a bit of some old horror comic or movie poster, plus that nasty dripping logo, good box for what's rotting inside: 22 tracks of sewage goregrind monstrosity... quite far from Tumour or Facevomitatie indeed becouse this shit is somewhat more articulated and much slower, even if I wouldn't call it "sludge". The guitar distortion is heavy and choked with basses but they're not over the top so that the music never crackles. The vocals are froglike, also heavily effected but not as watery as Tumour's, and the drum machine here has a surprisingly realistic feel. Songs are generally mid tempos, carpeted by super fast kick drums, but the things flow smoothly in mid range speeds. It has to be noted that this stuff was recorded in 2000 and mastered one year later, so this is over five years old now! The recording however is so clean it's even better than the 3 way split on Imphalte (with Disgorged Foetus and Vivisection), it just has the right balance between bass saturation and splattery chords. With almost 40 minutes of stuff, this is a heavy intro to the noise massacre that follows with Biocyst!


Tracks (22): 1 - Once more engaged in necrophilia 2 - Doused with gasoline & set afire 3 - Axed till death (twenty-two counts of manslaughter) 4 - Necronerd 5 - Dark blood welling out of ragged wounds and jagged slashes 6 - Murdered execution-style 7 - Acute Gastroententis 8 - Pattern of overkill 9 - Pus is pouring from infectious gaps 10 - Homemade torture device 11 - Aggravated battery 12 - The unsatisfied urge to kill 13 - Hands and feet hacked off 14 - Carved chunks of flesh ready to be eaten 15 - Extinguished by asphyxiation 16 - Post-operative subject 17 - Human-taxidermie 18 - Bone fragments in the stove 19 - Horrific homicidal impulse 20 - A toilet clogged with guts 21 - Methodically shot, sliced & acid bathed 22 - Chili con carnage