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ORAL MUTILATION (Hol): "promo 2006" Cd-r 2006 [demo]

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 23/08/2006 22:33:00


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Running Time: 4:12

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You know, I am always totally supportive of extreme, nonsense, ridicously distorted goregrind even if it is just a bedroom project: there is just something so refreshing in this genre. However something is lagging a bit when it comes to extremity and sickness in this Oral Mutilation project. The riffs are so elementary they're almost ludicrous, but that's not an absolutely bad thing: it's the production which sounds just too clean, the vocals too distinct and the drum in a middle ground that's neither sludge nor blasting. I am afraid I have to tell that this Cd-r might be an interesting start but it's probably not disgusting enough to be called mature gore grind, this sounds more like second rate death metal with some harmonizer attached at the mic. Sounds a bit like early Atavsim at 1/10th speed. Of course this is just a four tracks demo (yes it is called promo but you know, promos are sent by the LABELS, demos are sent by the BANDS, in general... and there's no label behind this I am pretty sure eh eh). Even if I am able to grind basically everything from harsh noise to the most extremest of the extreme, I somewhat step back when I meet something which is not as sick as it's supposed to be. And I was expecting something more lo-fi and sewage from Oral Mutilaton. My Cd crackles in at least 3 points but this is due to the mic not being able to withstand the basses and well, since it's not a continuative effect (like in Anal Birth, Abosranie Bogom or Canker) it just sounds a bit like a lame oversight. No seriously, there is a lot of work to do here. But keep trying scumbag!!!


Tracks (3): 1 - Sperm in Your Eye 2 - Genital Mutilation 3 - Dildo Disfigurement