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DOWNLORD (Dnk): "Grind Trials - the demos Ep" MCd 2006 Open Grave

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 22/08/2006 23:00:00


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Code: OGR004

Running Time: 17:29

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I admit I was expecting some horrible floppy death metal a la Warlord UK or Benediction post-"Grind Bastards" when I read about this Downlord, the name of Dave Ingram made me shudder, even if his last work with Bolt Thrower was well fitting the band's nostalgic war story atmospehre. Well once again I was wrong, the band is not so bad. And what's good is that Dave abandoned the atrocious barking he used in his latest Benediction days for more characteristic powerful vocals like the one he was able to produce for the masterpiece "Transcend the Rubicon". Even though I am sure there are way better demos awaiting to be repressed around, Open Grave's choice to bundle the two demos of this band into a single Ep is nice, I never heard the band before except for a few rumors, so it was good to hear how they sounded like. This is just limited to 666 copies so if you're interested into hearing it you better hurry up. The number 666 might sound a clichè but it seems the band even got the "blessing" from the Church of Satan to use LaVey texts for their new album "Random Dictionary of the Damned", hence probably something a bit deeper is going on between the lines. How's this this Downlord like then? Well for a start much better than the latest Benediction for sure, hell it's not too difficult a task!!! Ah ah. No seriously, this is a kind of pure Death Metal with neat production, heavy riffs, and a bunch of weird guitar evolutions, which cannot be compared directly to anything else. It sounds very modern but at the same time not impossibly brutal like this new breed of Unique Leader bands. The riffs are well distinct and mostly made of heavy, chugging palm muting chops, but they're not a groove only band, since there are a few accelerations which are not present in shit bands like Six Feet Under, thanks god. For once, the songs on the most recent demo sound better than the earlier ones. I can't say I am a big fan of this band becouse there is not really an abundance of brutality or sick feeling which is fundamental in Death Metal in my opinion, but this is not to throw away either. This might be the most mature and complete release by this label so far, even though the rating I give it might now reflect it. This is becouse more advanced doesn't always mean better, at least here at the Nuclear Abominations headquarters. Riminscences of Massacre abound here, as well as a handful of competent guitar soloing. Compact Death Metal arranged with the skill of a veteran, this would probably appear simpler palates.


Tracks (7): 1 - Loathe, Scorn, Detest. 2 - Groin of God +++ Amen & Out +++ 3 - Hate Brace 4 - Full Scale Hatred 5 - Old World Chaos 6 - Turn On, Tune In, Drop Dead 7 - Nailing You In