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OFFAL (Bra): "Offal" Cd 2006 The Hole

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 15/08/2006 14:01:00


Cover Art

Code: HOLE001

Running Time: 27:16

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Hey is the intro taken from "Wizard of Gore"? Whatever. When I got this promo in the mailbox I knew that something special was going on. The art and layout in this Cd both looked splendid and charmingly old school. It had all the feel of golden age horror comics, plus an accurate and elegant touch of color, which is used with intelligence, for once. For some reason, I was not surprised it was Fernando of Black Hole who arranged the whole project on the graphic dept. And I was about to cum when I read that there were four Autopsy covers at the end of the album, becouse you kow that I consider Autopsy the greatest Death Metal band of all times and well, it was a pleasure reading this album was a dedication to that most important of Death Metal bands ever. It should also be noted that the vocalist of this band is Andrè from Lymphatic Phlegm! Now that's something for good premises! As the disc started spinning, the first notes of the album were screaming "Severed Survival". But as things develop, I recognize we don't have pure Autopsy worship here a la Anatomia or Mausoleum. Offal plays old school Death Metal with open textures and some very slow doomy bridges, with inhuman splattery vocals and a vague touch of grind, it's a complete tribute to Autopsy and Gut but it's also a band per se. Things are a bit stiffer and less sludgy than with those bands, and that's mainly the missing element here. The rule is is to keep the riffs simple, the percussions adhering only to what's needed for the riffs to stand out, and it works for sure. But to be honest some of the riffs aren't really anything too special. The concept to me is more than good anyway, old school Death Metal plus mutilated corpses, entrails and gore are a combination which I cannot miss eh eh. Let's say that it lacks some hook, but the rest is arranged perfectly. Some Gut covers also appear in the middle of the album, and they're an further statement on how they want to keep their music sicker and simpler. Possibly with a slighly denser production and heavier sound we could have had something really amazing, but the recording just sounds a bit distant. This stuff is generally speaking a superior example of love for the good things in Death Metal and Gore Grind, and it's terrific in its simplicity. Just some adjustements here and there and you might get something REAL good. In any case I would buy this album immediately!! Top reccomendation!


Tracks (11): 1 - Anal-thorized Autopsy (They Reign Supreme Forever!) 2 - Swarming Maggot Feast 3 - The Spew 4 - Cadaver Breath (L.H.O.T.L.) 5 - Festering Rectal Sludge - Disgorgement 6 - Feasting on Excrements 7 - Wound Fuck / Confessions of a Necrophile (Gut covers) 8 - Anal Vapor Rising 9 - I Shit (You Eat!) 10 - Your Fun-eral 11 - Charred Remains/Gasping for Air/Twisted mass of Burnt Decay/In The Grip of Winter (Autopsy covers)