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NEFAS (Ita): "Nefas" MCd 2006 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 12/08/2006 21:56:00


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Code: NS1003

Running Time: 12:01

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So, another year has passed and here we have something new from Nefas, after the terrific full length release on Bones Brigade. This time you get a small demo release of barely three songs, but if you know the band already, you might also know that there is so little breathing space in here that the running time is not really an issue. The layout is simple but looks splendid, sober and created with the colours of sand and ancient stone, the main artwork is a Chtulhu – ish creature with tentacles and insect legs looking as if drawn of old paper. My only small complain here would be that the stone texture used looks a bit blurry, but the overall effect holds anyway. There is surely a vision in Nefas’ works and they keep following it. The cycles of stars and moon drawing grandiose spells of destruction, the distant, hateful gaze of horribly misshapen godlike creatures lurking within the freezing folds of time, the whispered invocations of priests of ancient sanguinary religions turned insane by things man is not meant to known, a maelstrom of bestial growls raising from the depths of cities long fallen ruin condense in a purest breed of Brutal Death Metal, intricate and unrelenting, frightening and imposing. No bitching here, Nefas is still the best and most original of Death Metal bands in Italy, not just because they’re impossibly heavy, elaborate and brutal, but because they managed to stay this way and developing their own personal style at the same time. The vocals still have that malign but powerful growl on the vein of Immolation, but the music is way more complex, with some lamenting slow, grinding bridges and short, furious blasts of uptempo rage. You never get a complete release of energy, the music is just constantly truncated into big chunks, so that you never get some time to take a deep breath. The production is again extremely accurate, under the zealous care of the drummer Tom, now a professional sound engineer. The chaotic monster that is Nefas now also counts a second guttural backing force in the vocals of guitarist Dario. There is very little to add, this is killer, super technical, powerful and very extreme Brutal Death with countless riffs, and the right amount of old school vibe that makes the music stand out in a fourth vibrating dimension of abominable psychosis. A good innovation is that now the doom passages are deeper and more mesmerizing than before, creating a vortex of madness that drags you into insanity, deeper… and deeper… and deeper…


Tracks (3): 1 – Dust of Centuries 2 – Subconscious 3 – Keeper of Forbidden Words