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DEGENERHATE (Ita): "The End Has Just Begun" Cd 2006 Endless Brutality of Men

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 09/08/2006 21:56:00


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Running Time: 10:29

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The cover art on this album follows the art concept of many punk/crust bands, or the first Brutal Truth/Terrorizer album if you wish. It is a collage of human atrocities with a nazi flag, nuclear explosions, the picture of George W Bush, factories adorned in thick clouds of noxious fumes etc. The lyrics also follow this concept of denounce towards the lying system, so we can say here we are a bit back to the roots of the genre, when death and grind were still less defined. I am also 100% I remember the name of Max Varani (the singer) from some demo or 7” I got many years ago, the guys don’t look like kids, it’s possible this is a rather old band or at least that some of the members are not new to this scene. The music too, isn’t well defined either, it sounds like fast Death Metal with some short blasts and a guttural gowl that reminds me a bit of Frank Mullen in “Breeding the Spawn” (same recording quality too ah!). The music also is brutal for sure but not sounding modern at all: the riffs are simple and straight, very fast with some bridges accented by a battering almost tribal drumming. Memories of older cross-90’s bands abound here, maybe Prophecy of Doom among the others, but not just that one. There are also some solos and slower grinding parts, but the feeling you get is more of minimalist, grievous core bands like Man is the Bastard than some sad English metal. All in all this is nicely stripped of superfluous melodies and has a good hold in old school grind/metal. 100% Metal but with a totally grind approach and mentality. Interesting. Something better could have been achieved with the cover, the pictures are totally asymmetric and the shading effects are a bit too clear, and a 10 minute running time make me think this is just a demo and not a full or an Ep, but other than that it’s cool to hear abdns like this exist in my country. Go filth go!


Tracks (6): 1 - Uniforms of Brutality 2 - Zombified by Propaganda 3 - From Cradle to Grave 4 - Our Tears 4 - Failure of God 6 - Day of Doom