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THY ENDLESS WRATH (Col): "Next to the Throne of Chaos" Cd 2004 Hateworks

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 07/08/2006 21:56:00


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Running Time: 53:41

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This album is complete shit, no hope whatsoever to pick anything good in here, I always strive to make constructive, detailed reviews but band like this challenge any good intentions. Fundamentally, this is clichéd, derivative, 67th generation black metal with no ideas, some melodic keyboards, popeye vocals, constantly clichéd song titles about wolves, darkness and satanic glory, a load of mellow solos, and a completely nonsense recording. The guitars are fuzzy and almost incomprehensible, but that might make sense IF all the mix was similarly recorded in a rough way. But the drums, which of course are casual and not fast at all, have a terribly mechanical triggered sound, and are naturally recorded so high you basically just get to hear them and the atrocious old woman in the laundry vocals only. This music gives the same enthusiasm and feeling of depressive sinfulness of a 80-years old grandmother ordering ham at the supermarket for the supper. This is a genre that has no reason to exist, it is the proof that people today completely misinterpreted the original concept of black metal. This unbearable band took all the superfluous bollocks in modern black metal and made an album ONLY with that. Nothing good to day, we’re at the bottom of my scale together with traditional metal and modern Scandinavian thrash. Absolutely to avoid.


Tracks (10): 1 - In the Storm's Winds 2 - Glorification 3 - Immortal Existence 4 - Next to the Throne of Chaos 5 - Into the Damned Soul's Limbo 6 - Ancient Spirits in the Mist Dwell 7 - Embraced by the Darkness 8 - Where the Moon Lies in Silence 9 - Temple of the Ever Dark 10 - Lord of Soul's Rebellion