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KUTURLAT (Spa): "Necroritual" Cd 2006 Mondongo Canibale

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 03/08/2006 20:34:00


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Code: MCR-003

Running Time: 37:45

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Hey this Kurtulrat is not bad at all. I gave this "Necroritual" a first listen in my car stereo and it didn't sound too impressive but once at home, with the right stereo set, some balance tweaks and the right environment this turned out working quite effectively. You can't really define a clear genre here, hypotetically we could label them as Black Metal, but not more than Arkhon Infaustus or Antaeus if you know what I mean, posers might call this Black Death becouse there is no black and white cover, but you know how inflated with shit that scene is today. We're not discussing about cliched Immortal like chords and shrieking vocals, but more about a combination of extreme elements, among which you can even hear riffs a la old Krisiun, and everything drenched in a malignant atmosphere (which is what all Black Metal is about isn't it?). Lots of emphasis has been given to the evocative, average speed riffs instead of the faster ones only, so you get 99% mid tempo, blackish guitarwork with real excellent lacerating, powerful vocals. Black Metal penguins please take note what it means to sing in the higher range of frequencies without sounding ridicolous, this singer is real good, reminds me a bit of In Aeternum, maybe a bit more versatile. Some of these riffs remind me also a bit of second-era Dark Throne (around Panzerfaust) - meets - Watain - meets old Mayhem, but that's a good thing I guess. Again, there are no fast parts in here so the comparison works only for the slower riffs of these bands, same thing when I was talking about Krisiun. There are a few isolated spots when the singer tends to follow the guitar melody and that's not real effective, but for the rest this album sounds absolutely complete, sick, evil, and with a heavy, damp atmosphere. The cover and layout too are top level, simple but powerful and with the right imagery for a Black Metal album. I think this band hit the point perfectly.


Tracks (11): 1 - Prelude 2 - Morbid Feelings 3 - Necroritual 4 - Across the Battlefield 5 - Interlude 6 - Ancient Invocations of Death 7 - Surrounded by Darkness 8 - Impious Wisdom 9 - Insanity 10 - Divine Armageddon 11 - outro