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UNBURIED (USA-Va): "split Cd" split Cd with SEEKING OBSCURE (USA-Wy) 2006 Metalbolic

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/08/2006 21:45:00


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Running Time: 10:55

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"Sometimes they come back" they say, and it was extremely cool seeing another Unburied released has recently been released! I had a demo tape from this band (which they gently sent for review when the fanzine was still only on paper together with a killer poster) and I picked it from my shelf to give it a quick listen again before hearing this split and see how things have changed. The line up is still the same, but without the original vocalist Rebecca Hawkins (yeah a girl! And that was before Sinister), I wonder where she's gone now. Whatever. Mark and Matt are now handling the vocals duties too fifty-fifty. The most memorable thing about that demo was not the female vocalist (as guttural as any male by the way), but the spledid artwork of mr. Riddick, which I have seen a few years later tattoed on the arm of Seth Van De Loo (then Centurian, now Severe Torture); Riddick's work is still phenomenal, and it shows on this Cd too. Even the layout is bare, clean and totally old school. The music too has remained totally "old school", it sounds really like a declaration of war towards all the modern super-technical bands from the States. The sound is terribly fuzzy and distorted in such a sick way that the amps are croaking and sizzling. The basses aren't that high however so the resulting sound comes out a bit weird, it just sounds as the original soundwaves were destroyed by deleting all high and bass frequencies so it sounds dirty but not oversaturated, kinda Dark Throne-ish. The vocals are schizophrenic and range from the usual guttural to higher, and the tempos always remain mid paced. The blasts are not really "balsting" but just slight variations on the theme, it just sounds like extremely primeval American Brutal Death when the genre was in embryo ( at the time of Torture Krypt, Judecca, Shredded Corpse etc.). Some riffs have some slam, but generally the tracks don't sound like a cheap copy of Internal Bleeding's, as the whole thing gets a different, DIY, almost amateurish vibe which I tend to appreciate. Not clearly identifiable with anything else, and not properly exciting, but it's a good change and a look back at some 7-8 years ago, before super technical variations appeared. Noteworthy for the raw recording and excellent layout if not for anything else.


Tracks (4): 1 - Love for Dismemberment 2 - End it with a Knife 3 - Human Butchery 4 - Stab, Hate, Mutilate