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ANAL NOSOROG (Rus): "The Beautiful People" MCd 2006 Soulflesh Collector

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 31/07/2006 22:57:00


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Code: SFC05-02

Running Time: 13:57

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Some things to say here. Let's start from the fact that generally speaking I love noisy fuzz shit a la Anal Cunt, Seven Minutes of Nausea, End of Silence, Pile of Eggs, Minch, Hypo Christians etc., I was very heavily into this genre in the late eigthies and that's what I was expecting to hear while I got this Anal Nosorog Cd in the mailbox, wrapped like a pork chop withing 2 inches of shrinkwrap. A Mini Cd I'd say, since it's just 14 minutes long. The whole booklet is a big black and white collage of captions of people in stupid poses and a handful of beautiful Eastern chicks. The statement on the back of the jewelcase is a completely random stream of consiousness of casual thoughts, and the lyrics are, well, ah ah, just "greawww greaww ghghrgrhhgs...", ahah, like Centinex's Death Metal Karaoke. So my idea here was to hear impossibly raw noisecore of the shittiest kind, but when I put the Cd in the player, the thing that came out was completely different from what I expected. Let's skip the comments about the multimedia tracks you can watch when you read the Cd with a computer (the live shows are nice to see, but the best spot is the penis swordfight with coin-op martial arts game music in the background, I was laughing my guts off, ah ah!). Anal Nosorog isn't grind in the commonest sense of the word. It is grind for not more than 30 seconds in the whole recording. There is surely an overabundant share of boring loops a la Prodigy/Aphex Twin in here for being a truly raging grind band, seems like these guys wanted to experiment a bit with a midi sequencer, but really "Mushroomheads" and "I Do" are an endless fucking agony to complete. As for the rest of the songs, the songs are made of extremely bare punk riffs with semi-industrial metal turns and a mix of ultra low frog croaks and a few higher more classic screams. The last song is again a bit different, a bid sludgy in the vein of Cock and Ball Torture, but without the bulldozing groove. Summing it up, there is a weird mix of genres in here, and the best part of it all might be the very first song, but to be completely honest, there is just too much a simplicistic use of electronics in here, not to mention the Fudge Tunnel's like guitar phrases and acid trip hops. It might even have sounded cool if these things were arranged properly (hailz Skeleton of God), but in the end there is no cohesion between the genres and you don't even get the idea of schizophrenic drug induced dizziness that earlier Crrepo bands were able to create. Even if I like the spirit, the music isn't that fun. My problem isn't that this thing is too stupid or too nonsense, on the contrary, it's not ENOUGH noisty and wickedly strange! Pump up the volume and add some fucking madness in here, you irresponsible purtridities!


Tracks (6): 1 - The Beautiful People 2 - Vagina Says 3 - I Do 4 - What She Says 5 - Mushroomheads 6 - Whiskey and Siskey (unreleased demo '87)