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NAMEK (Prt): "Vaginator" Cd 2006 Everydayhate

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 29/07/2006 23:59:59


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Code: EDH 006

Running Time: 34:06

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Judging by the cartoonish appearance of this package it wouldn't surprise me if Namek was named after the Dragonball's planet of super warriors similar in look to a manga version of DC Universe's Martian Manhunter. Ah. Whatever the case this packaging looks splendid. This might be one of the most professional packaging I have ever seen for a gore grind Cd since the last Black Hole releases. Pure good taste and professional work, perfect color schemes, sharp pictures, in a overally clean, balanced design. It is a pleasure to look a professional work once in a while, especially on a small underground label as Poland's Everydayhate. Namek's name was not unfamiliar (already got the Gut cover track and something on tape) but this is the first time I can concentrate on the band fully in over half an hour of groovy, powerful goregrind. The sound here is not sludgy a la Cock and Ball Torture nor dissonantly extreme as Last Days of Humanity or Sublime Cadaveric Compisition: I'd surely say we're more in the vein of middle-age Neuropathia, just with slightly heavier, pumped up guitar sound and a bit less rock'n'crusty overall approach. What's sure is that this shit is chock full of energy, probably much influenced by punk contaminations, while standing firmly in Gore Grind ground, with a hugely fat guitar sound and impossibly harmonizer-distorted guttural vocals. There are a few stupid samples here, but they're luckily kept to a minimum, so you generally get this powerful droning power chords mixing with the vocals in a sticky, cluttered mess of low notes. Bass and guitar have the Dead Infection kind of distortion, so you probably get the point. This is full volume grind with concrete structure, not just noisy fun. Songs are an average of two minutes, so we're sligtly above the average. This is one of the top lever goregrind bands I'd suggest if one's adverse to complete fuzzy chaotic gore. There is a coherent structure in the songs and they're just good for headbanging, even if they lack the blastbeats and methodical dodging of melodies of earlier grind (which is honestly more like my cup of tea). In any case this is a superior release from every angle. Great packaging, great sound, great music. I was just shocked when I was reading the thanklist... I was seriously considering my age when I read this line: "this colossal noise machine started in the long distant year of 1998..." what?? Distant 1998? Oh my... time's running so fucking fast...


Tracks (18): 1 - Intro: Prelude to Absolute Fornication, Sodomy, Incest and Necrosymphonic Entertainment /Avalanche Fistfuck Fatality 2 - Scatological Nazi Bitch 3 - Vaginator 4 - Relics of Vaginal Obliteration 5 - Vomitwarp 6 - Plasmoid Pussy 7 - Transvaginal Apocalypse 8 - Interlude: Sorbonne Sevahc 777/Droid Clit 9 - The Robocock 10 - Regurgitated Leftovers of Clitoral Carnage 11 - V.U.L.V.A. (The Anti-Gay Brigade) 12 - Celophane Wermacht 13 - Psychosadistic Genital Masticator 14 - Carniwhore 15 - Rancid Discharge of Cryptosexual Fluids 16 - Whoregasmatron 17 - Supersonic Coprophagist 18 - To Mega Clitherion