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BITCH INFECTION (Ger): "The Gory Side of Life" Cd 2004 Necroharmonic

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 03/07/2003 23:59:59


Cover Art

Running Time: 50.57


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Other releases from this band

Memorable gore grind in the vein of Lymphatic Phlegm/Libido Airbag but without drum machine. Same noisi/bubbling sound as Anal Blast etc...


Tracks (11): 1) Swallow Cum 2) Porn Delusion 3) Bitch Killer Syndrome 4) Oral Request V 5) Toilet Tart Nurse 6) The Gory Side of Life 7) Hot Hard & Fast 8) Oral Request VI 9) First Steps to Extasy 10) Cocksucking Hardcore Nymphs 11) Pussy Mailorder ...