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EMETH (Bel): "Reticulated" Cd 2006 Brutal Bands

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 24/07/2006 22:55:00


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Code: BB007

Running Time: 31:26

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No matter how technical, uptempo, dissonant or intricate this band decides to play, I really find no way to like it. Emeth is that kind of generational band who seems to be raised with Meshuggah and Human Remains on headphones. As much as Human Remains proposed something fresh and terribly disquieting years ago, Emeth just succeeded in boring me to death. They play some kind of Brutal Death Metal with lots of disharmonious chords, a mid range vocals a bit in the vein of later Pyrexia, and complex tempo changes. What's definitely missing here, is sheer force. The Death Metal brutality. They just make flat noise without being able to recreate the punishing wall of sound that defines American Brutal Death, so in the end this band results as being hopelessly average and boring as any of those emo-postcore bands that stemmed from Dillinger Escape Plan (what a fucking gay music is that). If you don0t have the fat, churning sound and guttural push, I really see no much to like it this genre. In my language they would call them "fighetti". This is one of those bands that stay diametrically opposite to the real Brutal Death of the southern American slums. Nicely polished and clean, with homework like drum bridges, and all that glossy shit made for big magazines. Not as bad as late Necrophagist, but definitely not my kind of Death Metal. They also assumed that shifting vocals a few octaves up would be enough to make them more "Hard Core", but this is definitely not the case. Intellectual stuff that bored me to agony. I can't tell much about the packaging but the cover art is discrete, conceptual work on mathematical madness, seems like that guy from Aborted's work. Computer graphics that suits finely this stuff. The song titles also seem to be Meshuggah-inspired, so basically the concept is followed to the letter in detail. Haven't read the lyrics but I can imagine what they're about. Well at least they don't have Anata-like haircuts (ah ah ah, they always make me laugh).


Tracks (9): 1 - Eleven 2 - Fallacy of Reason 3 - Karmic Impediment 4 - Heteronomy of the Will 5 - Concentric Diversions 6 - Predestined to Persevere 7 - Order from Chaos 8 - Synoptical Incoherence 9 - Nescientia