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LIVIDITY (USA-Il): "Eat Shit & Die!" split 7" with TERRORIST (USA-Ca) 2006 Disembowelment

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 22/07/2006 10:40:00


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Code: DR5

Running Time: 6:31

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Other releases from this band

This is the second Lividity 7" I see since the one with Profanity a few years ago and well, what can I say, it's always col to get 7"s, expecially nowadays that so few are made. The first two tracks are recorded live from the Illinous Metal Fest and consist in songs from the recently released "Used, Abused and Left for Dead" full length (review soon!) and the previous "Fetish for the Sick". I love the saturated, squishy sound you got when you record Death Metal live, however the triggered drums are so noisy they basically overwhelm the rest of the instruments, and it's not a nice feeling when the sound is that of an edge conveyor placed in the middle of the stage. I thought the drums in the last album were a bit too mechanical sounding but hoped things could change on a live recordings... but they didn't. Whatever, the rest sound is raw and crude and the vocals sick and gurgling, here we have fast Brutal Death which has been played for over 10 years and it shows, since this is not a Suffocation-derivative band. The song from "Fetish" is a bit slower and has some slow bridges, you can also tell the style change that's happened between these two albums (luckily I add). Last three tracks are basically unreleased tracks recorded in 1995 and shows the band's very earlier, very different style, much more noisy oriented grindcore/death (the last track is as long as "You Suffer") with freakish vocals a la Macabre/Melt Banana. There is not much to add as this is a live album and I generally prefer to concentrate the actual critics on studio recordings. Both sides of this 7" have nice old school rough covers with colors similar to that of Judecca or that old Eye Gouger band from the same state as Lividity. Pastel colored and tremendously sketchy but this is a style I definitely have come to appreciate. The drawings are really ugly but they got an infantile look that's always nasty to watch, the author might be the same kid who did the drawing in the "Deep Red" movie by Argento.


Tracks (5): 1 - Used, Abused and Left for Dead 2 - Pussy Lover (feat. Shawn LaCanne of Putrid Pile, lead vokills) 3 - Suffocation by Shrinkwrap 4 - Bled like a Stuck Pig 5 - Let's Eat!!!