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IN FLAMES (Swe): "Colony" Cd 1999 Nuclear Blast

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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IN FLAMES could have done to the term Swedish Death Metal what CRADLE OF FILTH has done to Black Metal, that is confusing a integral music style which was the most perverse variation of classic Death Metal in its purest form to a overly down tuned demoniac blasphemy, and bastardised it with something that anybody can listen to while in the car. Something nice and happy. Yet they somewhat are able to put me good mood just like Shania Twain or Cindy Lauper here and then. The warning bell I got what talking to a chick at a disco she was telling me that she was into SwedishDeath metal. I was damn excited and asked her opinions about LIERS IN WAIT, CERMATORY, CARNAGE, early UNLEASHED... when I realized she was a biot out of topic and she told me she was into Swedish Death metal bands like...IN FLAMES... At the point my heart skipped a beat. Of course that could last for no more than one song, as the rest of the music shifts down into such gay poser music for the masses that I can't but imagine rows of these brightly coloured CDs close to the next Action Man and Pokemon action figures at the supermarket in the corner. Started as a mediocre clone of the first absolutely great DARK TRANQUILLITY album, the band has evolved into among the most plain, uninteresting ones from their country. On their escalation to their sold out style, they have integrated elements of pop, 70's swinging rock'n'roll, and jingles that could be used for some interludes in a quiz show. If there is a single Death Metal thing within this album, point it to me, I can't hear it. Even judging the band as a non-Metal band (as they are) what remains is absolutely uninteresting.


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