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SURGICAL DISSECTION (Svk): "Disgust" Cd 2006 Nice to Eat You

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 21/07/2006 23:12:00


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Code: NTEY015

Running Time: 30:02

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I was surely expecting more grindcore from the releases of Vladimir from Nice to Eat you, and instead I got yet another Brutal Death Cd to review here! Surgical Dissection play an interesting brand of Death Metal that relies heavily on a complex double guitarwork, and really succeeds in not sounding derivative at all too. I find it quite difficult to compare this band to others, as they sound quite separated from the modern keyed Brutal Death, more into the old school of early Damnable, Melancholy Pessimism, Pavor or Obscenity. You know, earlier attempt at brutalizing Death Metal eh. The guitarwork is excellent with a couple incursions into slightly melodic Swedish riffing, but always staying tight and brutish, with some fast blasting accelerations. There is a fair dose of harmonics and chugs a la Dying Fetus but also way more old school variations; it is really difficult to define clearly. This is a band that cleverly use the double guitar approach to create textures impossible to do with a guitar alone, there is an extra depth in the songwriting which sounds really fine, and the drummer does a good job here to sustain the song consistence as well. This is a band which cleverly uses technical skills to create solid Death Metal, not just to show-off their good musicianship. Now to the shit that hit the fan: the only drawback might be the vocalist that sounds a bit stiff, it tends to eat half of the words out from the lyrics and generally sounds more like shouting than roaring, like a shrunken and washed version of Barney from Napalm Death. Another minor drawback is the packaging of this album which is really ugly: I don't know what the cover artwork is about (seems like a biomechanical interpretation of a human heart) but it just looks wrong, the logo is non-existing (just a font) and is nonetheless decorated with a million jelly photoshop effects; the inside of the booklet has pictures with pixels as thick as my fingers, and there is a ugly black or white glow just every fucking where. The major problem that appears here I sadly have to tell you is the work on the lyrics: there is a typo every line and sometimes you just end up wondering what these guys mean: just from the first song: "they will inject me with another drugs", "they will insure me that" (insure???), ""everybody are talking", and what is exactly like to BE a "frame of mind"? They are mostly about introspection and self consciousness but I wonder why Barret from Sevared didn't check the booklet before sending the album to the Cd plant. So basically we have good and bad things to say about this album, it's is surely an interesting tecnhical, tight Death Metal album but needs some polishing on the vocal and graphical depts... and please forgive me a bit of humour but I couldn't resist making this image below... "Help! ...It's the Hair Bear Bunch!".


Tracks (9): 1 - Intro 2 - Frame of Mind 3 - Vanity 4 - Regeneration 5 - Dead End 6 - Manipulation Lines 7 - Aquiel 8 - Unsatisfied 9 - Distrustful