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ANATOMY (Ita): "Libido Medico" Cd 2006 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 20/07/2006 23:19:00


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Running Time: 28:40

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Other releases from this band

We had a long period of complete slumber here in Italy for what concerns the Death Metal scene. Ever since 1994 or so, up to late 90's, everybody was moving towards easier listenings, be it for more melodic kinds of Metal or entirely new genres like that shitty, horrendous Prodigy phenomenon etc. Until late 90's, it was mostly impossible to find grind or real heavy Death Metal bands which were not influenced by wimpish technical evolutions. I am happy that we're finally releasing good violent fucking Metal bands once more. On the top of my mind, Anatomy is the first Italian Gore Metal band I hear since Necrosis or Necrobestiality. Thir sound is more evolved and the accent is now weighing more on the double vocal assault of Carcass and the groovy riffs of Relapse-era Exhumed. Completely devoid of grindcore destructiveness but also of the horrible Carcass post-Amott melodies (which ruined completely all of Impaled's works), these songs are solidly written with a bunch of good, churning riffs which remind more of second generation Gore Metal bands (they also firstly cite Impaled and Exhumed as main influences) by leaning towards a more Death Metal approach than, say, Gruesome Stuff Relish or The County Medical Examiners. The band does its best with the faster riffs, as when the music slows down things start losing some density. I have to say Anatomy lacks a bit in pure aggressive force when dealing with this kind of music, there is good taste and for sure also technical competence, but there is still need for some more thickness to make the music really stand out. I think a second guitar would HUGELY improve this band's sound and would really raise it to a different level. When we talk about the instrumental department here we have already a solid songwriting, it is really impressive to read that the band formed only three years ago. I heave heard bands much more incomplete after years of practice. What is the only really serious drawback of this band, is that these high pitched screams are really disastrous. I won't say all the Death Metal singers should sound like Marc Grewe of Martin Van Drunen, or even that this band had to carbon copy Jeff Walker's style note by note like Ghoul, but these vocals are really terribly flat, and sound just weak instead of malignant. This is definitely not Jeff's roar like tone, and basically suffers from a complete lack of modulation. It seems as if this singer is just straining his vocal cords to agony, but ends up more sounding like suffering than menacing. I won't say they had to drop them altogether in favour of the Steer-like growls, as the double vocals are invaluable to create the atmosphere of multifarious crushing confusion that Exhumed's full length debut captured, but I think they should consider changing completely this vocal style, into something lass shrieking and possibly heavier. There is some chugging which is probably a legacy from their more standard Brutal Death origins which are a bit out of place but I can confirm that the tools of the trade all readily set for something interesting in the near future. Hell, give me this band anytime instead of Gorerotted. One thing I have to comment is that despite their claim, there is not a single ounce of grindcore here, this sounds like 100% Death Metal to me! It is also interesting the fact that this is not a demo but a self produced full album.
The packaging is decorous for a self-release, simple but neat apart from the logo which has been butchered by a million photoshop filters. It is sadly lacking of lyrics, but some song titles are enough to raise in me some doubts (shouldn't it be "Libido Medica" for a start? or "Cancer of THE Spinal Cord", "Bloody Wound Infected by BACTERIA" etc.). In the pics, the band members wear medical suits like General Surgery or The County Medical Examiners, just for coherence. Always cool to have some gore!


Tracks (10): 1 - Enter the Doctor 2 - Cancer of Spinal Cord 3 - Bloody Wound Infested by Bacterium 4 - Covered in Blood Defecation 5 - Visceral Infection 6 - Blindness due to a Glaucoma 7 - Purulent Bag 8 - Craniofaringioma 9 - Epileptic Fit With Convulsion and Sick 10 - Ematemesi