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SILOVANJE (Aus): "Taste of Death" MCd 2006 Grindhead

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 16/07/2006 16:12:00


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Code: GHR006

Running Time: 19:00

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Australia has its good share of solid bands despite the relatively rarefied population, it seems every genre is played down there in a totally different, reinvented way, be it Death, Black or Grind or whatever. Even though I am more into disgursting shit a la Intense Hammer Rage of Kutabare (man what a masterpiece that one is), I can't but recognize there is also a new thriving scene of whacked, fucked up grindcore bands which shamelessly use the drum machine to create cockeyed, nutty, oddball music and good shit comes from the cauldron indeed. I thought Fuck... I'm Dead was a mild choice for the Razorback roster with its fake sounding drum machine but this Silovanje sounds a pinch more savage and well, their guitar riffs are just plain good, with a small dose of micro-solos appearing in the middle of the chaotic frenzy of downtuned grindcore we have here. This is a good example of musicianshp gone for the better. There is a battering, headbanging vibe in the riffs that just helps the whole songs push forward with strong pressure. Take the song "I Rape a Rapist" and you'll certainly understand what I mean. The whole groove comes from the arrangements and not some cheap breakdowns and that is a definite turn over. The vocals here are the already tested to be efficacious mix of incoherent screams and a more masucline, full body growls and the whole thing just has the right chemistry. I think this drum machine is quite good but as always a real drummer would make this band really stick out. The "album"'s concept (man, 19 minutes is really too little to call this an album without using quotation marks) is about rape. Aussies really have no shame ahah. I remember the shit that fell when Intense Hammer Rage released Holy P... whatever. The pics are not overly sharp and in the end I am not able to tell if it's just computer graphics or just a combination of real life photos. In any case this time we have an efficacious mix. A tidbit difficult to read sometimes but nice packaging overally speaking.


Tracks (13): 1 - Taste of Death 2 - Midnight 3 - Recognized 4 - I Raped a Rapist 5 - Gummies 6 - There's a Time to Rape 7 - There's a Time to Kill 8 - I The Baby of Hate 9 - Fucked in the Forbidden 10 - Forest 11 - Bitch 12 - Jane Doe 13 - Silovanje