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NECROTORTURE (Ita): "Blood Feast" MCd 2006 Extreme Underground

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 15/07/2006 23:59:59


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Code: EU001

Running Time: 16:21

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"Blood Feast" (aptly named after Herschell Gordon Lewis' paragon forefather of splatter movies) is the first professional release of Necrotorture, which finally deliver the goods after years of incubation with a stunningly intense MCd for the Brutal Bands sublabel Extreme Underground. The sound of this band has at last maturated into one of the most extreme group we have here in Italy, on par of friends Stench of Dismemberment when we talk about strictly 21th century sound, definitely headstrong in the direction of American no-melody Brutal Death of the coldest, emotionless kind. Musically this is a fucking massacre, a blast of concatenated, super fast and intricate riffs a la Devourment plus the whole range of subhuman growling vocals you can name, from the grasshopper-like "ree ree" to guttural croaks a la Broken Hope "Swamped in Gore" era. Again musically we're on the lower end of the edible chain, somewhere in the furtherst reaches of extreme Brutal Death, without sounding an inch crusty grindcore or more chaotic Death a la Enmity: everything is lightning fast and continuously deviated, yet there is a balance and clear direction in every song, if they wanted to play something in the vein of the best Sikfuk / Bound and Gagged without sounding random (like Enmity) they really stroke a good blow, Seems like Alex really ejoys singing as the vocals are relentless, sometimes dubbed two or three times over to create a tight texture of grunts and squeals. For those who care only for sheer brutality this is a superior release to look for. Two downsides: song 5 has one of the worse tarantella riffs in the history of brutal music (minute 1.39 to 2.10 of "Scum", check it out... by the way, did they know there was another song called like this from a little bit famous band?) and second, the cover artwork is a real horrendous, approximative work of computer graphics that challenges in bad taste even Lust of Decay. I understand it was humorous but a hand painted work would have surely hit twice heavier. I cannot tell more becouse this came on cardboard so I can't even tell if this comes in jewelcase or cardboard slip, nor if there are lyrics anywhere to be read. Anyway cool shit here. Tight as Chuck Norris' ass.


Tracks (6): 1 - Anal Torture 2 - Re-Exploring Ways of Flesh 3 - Pleasures of the Moribund 4 - Blood Feast 5 - Scum 6 - Chiavica (Cicala Grind)