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HIPERMENORREA (Mex): "Auriculoventriculostomia Cefalorraquidea Subaracnoidea Basilar Cerebral" split Cd with EXCREMENT (Mex) 2006 Alarma!

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 13/07/2006 20:33:00


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Code: A-07

Running Time: 38:47

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Hipermenorrea, translated as "excess of menstruative blood", is quite different from Excrement in that they don't play splatter Death Grind but more of a cold Gore Grind very close to Catasexual Urge Motivation or better a Lymphatic Phlegm with real drummer. The guitar sound reminds me a bit of early Impetigo and the vocals are just that low croak, with a strong echo which adds to the sensation of distance and inhumanity. You generally have this completely grave, super distorted bass sounds which almost fuzzes through the speakers. Hell I totally love this shit, including those nasty kilometer long pathological titles, and hey there is even a chainsaw raging at the beginning of their second and fifth songs! Always welcome. My comparison to Lymphatic Phlegm comes from the fact that there is a distant, depressive melody in the background of this gore monstrosity. a loose continuous chord which is disquieting in its sanguinary simplicity. Seems like this kind of guitarwork is more effective than simple muted string chugs, in that it creates a really oppressive atmosphere. They might not have mastered the job like Lymphatic Phlegm but they're a honest compromise expecially considering the drummer is a human and no shitty drum machine. Two covers out of seven songs sounds a bit excessive to my ears but who knows, maybe they just put them in as extra material. Great vocals on this, real splattery.


Tracks (7): 7 - Uropatia Obstructiva Bilateral Cronica 8 - Colitis Ulcerosa (Colonoscopia ano intestinal) 9 - Trombosis Intensiva an los Ductos Arteriales 10 - Morgue (Sanity's Dawn cover) 11 - Vulva Fermentacion 12 - Glomerulonefritis Posestreptococica 13 - Purulent Reflux Esophagitis (Feculent Goretomb cover)