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ACROTOMOPHILIA (Hol): "Coprophagical Trauma" tape 2005 Urethra

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 11/07/2006 18:08:00


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Code: URR-002

Running Time: 21:37

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This cool tape contains noisy, bestial goregrind which what has become a trademark Dutch sound, recorded during the very last days of 2004. The packaging of this tape is absolutely neat, with porn bondage pics over microscope captions of what seems to be sperm (not sure I'm not a fucking biologyst), in any case the choice of colors pink and yellow looks cool. I didn't aunderstand why there are no pictures of mutilations and amputees since acrotomophilia is a fetish for amputations and mutilated people (hell this is gross) and the slut whose face is covered in sperm in the inner cover had probably looked better with her fucking arms severed ahah. Maybe with eyesockets full of semen too?
There are a couple of funny intros and a fantastic jingle in the middle of the tape which sounds like a radio advertisement for dolls, but well, you have to hear what's that really about. I'll just tell it comes with free extasy... Ahr ahr...
Musicwise, Acrotomophilia generates fat, intense goregrind not dissimilar to elephant trumpeting. The sound of the drum machine is just close to perfect (surely less mechanical than fucking Vomit Remnants or even the more grinding Anal Whore), and the blasts are not just continous but programmed with some ideas. They hammer during the fastest parts but you also have some variations when things become a bit less noisy. The vocals are super pitch shifted but not entirely liquid like Urine Festival/Tumour, they're more like old school goregrind tapes from the mid-nineties, a mix of frog croaks and more guttural minotaur growls, like Anal Birth for instance. The guitarwork is noisy and almost casual but there is a nice touch of fair melody in the very background that reminded me a bit of Lymphatic Phlegm, just keep in mind this stuff is way more chaotic, but probably much of it is due to totally nonsensical singing out of the patterns of the music. It's a real release of energy ahaha. Here we even have a nice 1 second song called "94th Anual Rape-Victims Pool Party" (at least I hope it is that one ah, you have no lyrics here). The band concept seems to be mixing fetish, sexual violence and gore, but maybe this is where this band needs some more direction. It's cool to have an all-round sickness approach but maybe some more focus on a theme would have been nice, for instance they could concentrate a bit more on the fucking of amputee children or something like that (pedoacrotomophilia?), you know, they could name songs like "I like to lick shit covered infant stumps". Ahah. The tape ends with a great moment from Session 9, a fucking intense horror/thriller... I also have no clue if that was intentional but my tape deck signed exactly 666 tape turns at the end of the cassette!!


Tracks (14): 1 - Coprophagical Trauma 2 - Putrefacted Entrails 3 - Vomit Eruption 4 - Tender Meat Mutilator 5 - 94th Anual Rape-Victims Pool Party 6 - Rest in Pieces 7 - Nausea and Vomiting 8 - Genital Mutilation by AIDS Infected Whores 9 - Exercising Porno Poetry 10 - Suck Slut! 11 - Malignant Infected Ulcer 12 - Piano Chord Dismemberment 13 - Raped, Slaughtered and Mutilated 14 - Outro