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VORE (USA-Ar): "Dead King's Eyes" MCd 1997 Frozen Solid

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 10/07/2006 22:38:00


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Code: ESCD1001

Running Time: 26:39

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Yes, I was pretty curious to hear this Vore, since I must have read their name in some thanklist back in mid nineties and the name stuck in my mind. I saw this MCd used for like 3 euros and wanted to give it a try. Well one thing you can say, this album is really spawn of that period, surely worth the price I paid for it (but not more). It sounds like one of the earlier attempt at slow Death Metal made is US (I repeat this is NOT Doom, just slow Death Metal, there is no sense of despair and loss in here.. leave that to the Europeans), with overly simple, muted g-string riffs ranging from slow to mid-slow tempos. Sometimes the band does sound a bit like Obituary but mostly it's just a short vocal pattern into a song made up of a hanful of riffs that chug repeately for dozens of times with expressionless vocals that remind me surprisingly of a band from Arizona called Psychic Pawn (nice album and Ep single on Cacophonous). I am not a huge fan of this elementary Death Metal which mosltly sounds like a painfully slowed down version of Massacre meets Dead World meets Occult, but at the same time I recognize only today, after so many years have passed, that this genre did make a bit of sense in his time. The album is fully downloadable from their website so you can as well have a listen to it, so much it costs. The cover art is deliciously simple and old school, just lie the music, depicting a brawnly muscled barbarian with a barbed sword hacking at alien plants on some forgotten planet. Bare layout reminiscent of old Thrash/Wild Rags! ingenuity which in all honesty I have come to miss in this age of glowing logos and low resolution covers. I was barely aware there was sentient life in Arkansas so that was not bad to know a band could come out of that plainfield, and Fayetteville has been even claimed by Money Magazine as one of the "Best Places to Live in America". Go guessing. In short this is an interesting mini-album, in its cosm of minimalsim. Not sure about the whole concept (the lyrics too deal with sorcery and sci-fi) but it was nice to hear for 26 minutes.


Tracks (5): 1 - Suffer the Slave 2 - Dead King's Eyes 3 - Summon the Nameless 4 - Right Cross 5 - Albion 6 - Bring Me Back