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SARCOLYTIC (USA-Tx): "Sarcolytic" MCd 2005 Lacerated Enemy

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 05/07/2006 23:00:00


Cover Art

Code: LE003-2005

Running Time: 10:14

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At merely 10.14 minutes, the Sarcolytic debut on Zdenek's (Godless Truth) label Lacerated Enemy qualifies as little more than a 7", or a Cd single. Yet in these 10 minutes we have a huge array of battering brutality, on the vein of Deeds of Flesh's earlier work. I didn't know that Zig, tattoo artist and super sponsored artist of countless Death Metal covers was also a singer, but hey he's totally great, his vocals are deep and ogrish, not just "ree" squeals, it's not so common today to find one of these real guttural zombie singers (Joe Ptacek where have you gone?), and what's more he has given the cover art of this release an extra push. Generally speaking I feel like some his covers are at times a bit faded/blurred, as if they were just hurried car aerograph airbrush works, but recently I really got impressed by the depth he's able to give his more detailed works. The sharp traits that surround the demon on the cover are really the missing tile in some of his earlier paintings, there is even a touch of Gerlad Brom in the musculature (one of my favourite modern painters). This guy has really reached a new level of quality. And the quality of the riffs is also top notch, with a cool flow that makes every song a complete work and not just a mumble jumble of riffs. The drumwork is impressive just like Ricky did with Disgorge and well, also the recording is right this time, everything seems arranged to perfection, sharp riffs that mutate and twist yet with a coherent pattern, and also the vocals deep but articulate (a bit prominent but that's the way I prersonally like it). The new full length is probably going something at the level of the best Deeds of Flesh (I repeat myself but that's likely the most similar band I can think of, if we speak of "Trading Pieces"). The main fault in this Cd is the length, I really find nonsense releasing a 3 tracks Cd unless it's a demo, a thing like this sould really not cost more than 4-5 euros, no polemics here. But on the good side, this time we have lyrics here, it's cool to know that somebody still thinks a riff alone does not make a good album. They deal with demons and satanic rituals, which to me is delicious in Death Metal (for Black it's just clichè), staying in tune with the cover artwork, a winged demon raising from the flames of hell. Ah. For fans of Brutal Death of topmost level. Can't wait for the full length.


Tracks (3): 1 - Atavism Infernal 2 - Shifting Forms 3 - Wine Like Clotted Blood