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SCID (Ger): "Fucked Beyond Recognition" Cd 2005 Undergrind

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 04/07/2006 13:16:00


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Code: UG-002

Running Time: 32:50

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SCID is a side project of better known bands Vaginal Incest and Embedded. The band contact says it resides in Bielefeld although we are not fooled by such assumptions since we know that this city does not really exists. It's just a illusory city that THEY want us to think exist. Probably they make illegal experiments on cloning small Hitlers or dissecting hadicapped persons. Who knows. Better not to talk too much about such matters, it can be dangerous. Even if we're talking about Brutal Death, this time we're quite far from the standards of ice cold, soulless, mechanic American Brutal Death that Unmatched Brutality has prepared us for. The vocals of singer Rainer are totally suine, grating like old crusty Chris Barnes, yet the music has lots of interesting variations, with some chord progressions and not just concatenated ice block riffs a la Suffocation. Even the drums are not standard blastbeat/mid tempo, and you even get some ettempt at melody in some dissonant distant riff or principles or solos. I like it pretty much even though I won't probably rate it as first class brutality. I read that this album is just a collection of two promo Eps, and well there is a subtle difference between the first and second part of the disc as probably the second (song 7 and after) is a bit more brutal and devoid of guitarist "ideas". I kinda like this kind of music straighter and heavier so I like these songs a bit better (didn't surprise me they're one year older indeed). If you're into Brutal Death with a somewhat more traditional, European approach this is really an interesting band. You got no slam dance breakdowns whatsoever, just Death Metal made heavier and more brutal instead of being encased in a genre which is probably beginning to reheat itself a bit too much lately, I can't really recall any particular band becouse while the structures could be from some late 90's Czech band, the sheer brutality it has is totally '00s, also really sublime recording, real neat. No lyrics inside this time, but the approach seem to be about violent pornography, rape and shit like that. The cover is simple, being a guy with shrinkwrap tighed around the face (like Rotten Sound), yet at last for once we don't have Tales from Uranus cartoons, Zig art or Internet pictures.
I am toatlly, totally sure the ghost track at the end if a cover of some very famous song I cannot identify at the moment, I tried to sing it along in my mind but cannot remember what is it, help!


Tracks (11): 1 - Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition 2 - Cumplicated 3 - Staring Inside the Womb 4 - Internal Brain Atresia 5 - Eternal 6 - Queen for a Day, Cunt for a Lifetime 7 - C.L.I.T. 8 - Permanent Flatulence 9 - Cunt Wait Until Tonight 10 - The Awakening 11 - Recocknize