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CRYPT OF KERBEROS (Swe): "The Macrodex of War" collection Cd 2003 Bleed

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 29/06/2006 21:56:00


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Code: BLEED 009

Running Time: 79:07

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I am in a mood of doing reviews of old school shit here as you probably have noticed. Recollections like these are food for the soul. This Cd title might be misleading as it does not contain any of Macrodex songs actually. You might have heard a sample from that great band on the also great "Projection of a Stained Mind" sampler,; it's really great shit, but the tracks here start with the birth of this band, not the death of the previous one. Anyway. In my opinion Crypt of Kerberos has been a really mistreated band in the Swedish secne, becouse their Cd "World of Myths" is a cool example of Swedish Death played with a tidbit of melody but with a very warm feeling. They should be mentioned more often. That Cd is still available from Adipocere for cheap so order a copy becouse it's really worth it (not to mention that one is possibly the best release out of that label). Bleed records from Australia goes a step further and offers here almost 80 minutes of basically everything Crypt of Kerberos recorded aside from their full length Cd. They also did it the right way, by asking the main composer of the band Mattias Borgh directly for material and collaboration, so here we have crisp pictures and liner notes and some extra infos (not a huge booklet but effective). The layout is very, very simple and maybe it could have been even more "old school" if some proficient designer was charged with the project but the musical material here is really explosive in the start. The tracks from the first two demos are absolutely amazing, imagine the sound of Bolt Thrower in realm of chaos and add the Rottrevore/Grave vocals and brutality. Pure Death Metal with guttural vocals and total bulldozer sound, with that twisted, obscure sense of lingering death that was native of all the Scandinavian bands of the time. They're also so neatly recorded here it's definitely probable that the sound has been polished a bit as well. Being huge fan of Swedish Death music (probably my favourite genre) this collection really hit me as a pleasant surprise. The songs vary a bit in quality, some being mere rehearsals, but you really have no totally "sewage" noise. As the Cd appreaoches to the end, we leave the pure Death Metal of the beginning, the solos become more articulated and the music definitely more fluid, as the maturity in the arrangements are creating the band's trademark sound. We have the possibly ripest products with the tracks from the two 7"s, but hey, the demo stuff is really the shit. Total underground Death as it should be. Really 10 score vote stuff. Sadly, tracks 15 to 17 are total shit which must be forgotten, trust me jump these tracks if you want to remember a band at its best. Remember the last days of Afflicted? Well... here you have something similar so you've been warned. Overally I would rate the singular demos and forst 7" as straight 10 or so, but I can't ignore the sound is a bit derivative of its period and well, the whole booklet might have been studied to be ten times better. You really should learn from Nuclear War Now or Relapse when doing retrospectives.


Tracks (19): 1 - Sacrifice 2 - Armageddon 3 - Devastator 4 - The End Of Time 5 - Intro: Eternal Suffering 6 - Nocturnal Grasp 7 - Storm Bringer 8 - Bleeding World 9 - Yule Horror 10 - Shadow Fire 11 - Cyclone Of Insanity 12 - The Ancient War 13 - Dream... 14 - World Of Myths 15 - Guidance 16 - The Beholder 17 - Temptation Denial 18 - Visions Beyond Darkness 19 - Darkest Rites