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SUPPURATION (Col): "Pain and Suffering" Cd 2005 Mutilation

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 27/06/2006 21:40:00


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Code: MRCD007

Running Time: 21:15

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How the fuck I didn't know this band before is still a mystery to me, this album of Suppuration from Colombia is possibly the best Cd I have bought so far this year. This Cd is a fucking massacre, a relentless work of carnage that chops and hacks from the first minute to the last. Musically you got no fucking finesse, neither in sound nor arrangements, but that's exactly its strength: you got some totally bloodsoaked Grinding Brutal Death that sounds a bit like a filthy cross of Disgorge (Mex) and Pustulated with the delicious sewer sound of Rottennes, Flesh Grinder or Kabak. I just love it all: the drums are blasting but articulated, with grating accelerations a la Disgorge, and a dry, wooden snare drum sound; the vocals a constant boarlike grunt, recorded so high they wrap the whole music around; the guitar riffs sharp, fast and totally disharmonic (no fucking melodies, damn!). The production, too, is deliciously "South American", raw but unserstandable. I think the aspect I love more is that here you get all the brutality of, say, Brodequin, but stripped of the modern North American habit of shrinking utter brutality in a tie and and elegant suit. Fuck of to the super productions, here is the real shit, Brutal Death is stuff for the dirt and grime of decaying slums, not high class villas and skyscrapers, if you know what I mean. When playing this Cd in my car stereo I had to turn the volume to the top until the speakers creaked and hissed and fuck, how I loved it! My glasses were shattering. This music just smells of fresh fucking blood, total blistering brutal fucking lo-fi Death Metal with no frills, always blasting with no space for breathing, ever. Yeah, just pain and asphyxiation! And one more positive note, the cover art is just the most fantastic, disturbing piece of shit I have seen in years. It's a fantastic drawing of severed rotting heads, deformed and rotting, sewn together with chunks of flesh and melting rot, the simple choice of colors is just amazing, reminds me of disturbing German expressionism, it is just so powerful, and fits totally the music, since this is clearly hand-painted old school art and no fucking computer shit. It just does not sound artificial, like the music. The grey and brown of rotting flesh are the predominant colors, and the faces are so distorted and disturbing, they remind me some artwork of 70's Italian Comic books (man, those were real artists) or movie posters. One fucking punch in the stomach should be given to the guy who had the idea of putting photoshop effects on the logo, becouse without that gross mistake this cover would have been ultimate. Seems like Mutilation needs to get a professional designer, becouse the layout within the booklet is also total amateur two minute stuff. Too bad, although I won't let this detail strip the total cult I have for this album. Seems like I am only giving out high votes recently but really this stuff is so good. Another thing that perplexes me is that they have no lyrics inside, but judging by the titles they sound a bit stupid, one is even called "Mutilated rec." what the fuck?? Seriousness guys, seriousness. Anyway, this album is just killer, get it, damn! PS: Just for curiosity, are you considering a 21 minute album a full-length?


Tracks (11): 1 - Cannibal Love 2 - Decrepita Masturbation 3 - Depression 4 - The Human Flesh 5 - Immolation of the Souls 6 - Mutilated rec. 7 - Pain and Suffering 8 - Noisecunt 9 - Suppuration 10 - Whit-hate 11 - War of Hell