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SWARRRM (Jap): "Nise Kyuseishu Domo" Cd 2003 H.G.Fact

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 26/06/2006 22:38:00


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Code: HG-149

Running Time: 41:39

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By Jove this band is really touched by folly. Swarrrm is incredibly atypical even for a grindcore band from the land of the rising sun. Fundamentally get a typical Japanese noisecore band with screaming incoherent vocals and blurry blastbeats but then add in as many other ingredients, the most paradoxical the better, to the mix, and make it sound af if everything makes sense. It took me a few listens to understand exactly how the textures blend with meticolous precision. The Cd starts with a string instrument similar to mandolin, with a tune similar to The Godfather's. Then it erupts into total mayhem. But this time you got something really "different" becouse this band just doesn't play grind and then throws in foreign elements in clearly separated bridges ( a la C.S.S.O.), the sound is just perfectly balanced and mixed, with all the parts going at the same time. The initial tune is taken inside of the first song and this string-like atypical sound accompanies the singer's wry vocal breaks in a totally unpredicatble, crazied way, it is striking how this band incorporates the sound of several instruments in their music, including a piano. The sound is also perfectly crisp, with a mixing so accurate it reminds more of a metal band than a 'core one, and what's more you get kilotons of variations, including lots of melodies, intricate riffs and long moments of hybrid metalcore melancholy, like The End for instance, with dissonant and distant passages. Sometimes there are also riffs so weird you cannot really identify, if not as some strange breed of indie rock, but it just doesn't sound commercial becouse those mad vocals that blabber nonsense go through all kinds of tonalities from gore gurgles to diapason screams a la Yamatsuka Eye, and they just turn everything to pink hippos and rainbow colored marbles. It is not easy to rate a band like this but the whole thing sounds to perfectly planned, and with a sound so strong that you cannot but see just how talented this band is. Some songs might as well be Death Metal, but at the same time also septic fusion jazz. Really you can't just use the same rating system you use for other shit, damn! Seems like every member knows well every genre becouse you also get fierce Hard Core riffs a la Sick of It All in the mix, the citations just never end. A good thing is also that this band is 100% analogic. You have no fucking frequencies or synths, or samples for the matter, just well played madness. Human musicians, not computerized sounds. Really a top level release this time from H.G. Fact and I would also be curious to hear how this album sounds without the vocals, they are really an instrument per se, but totally freaked out and out of the continuity of the songs, while they fit well the concept, the music beneath is really the shit this time. The packaging is also weird, with a shaped booklet that folds in a strange way. To me this stuff is gold. If you're into some experiments, get this album when you find it.


Tracks (12): 1 - Seilence 2 - Disturb 3 - Gobblegegook 4 - Flummux - 5 - Don't Mess With texas 6 - Parasite 7 - 8 - Vanish 9 - Herzog 10 - Damn 11 - Grasser 12 - Putrescence