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WORMPHILISM (Ita): "Gore Codex 01" demo Cdr 2005 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 23/06/2006 15:57:00


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Running Time: 11:47

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Other releases from this band

I had this demo floating on my desk for a while even before I decided to restart the webzine, this guy (I think it's Diego) appreached me and left me a free copy for review plus a couple of flyers. I am happy having restarted the publication becouse bands like this Wormphilism need support and finally I can assolve to my duties. This band is actually a two piece and I think the second member is the person who was printing the Mondocrudo fanzine a few years ago. Both are deliciously obsessed by gore and this is something I cannot but support thoroughly. Gore rules. Always. The cover art is a mockery of the "Spaghetti Incident" by Guns'n Roses but done with earthworms (ah ah) instead of disgusting American spaghetti with tomato (I wonder what tastes worse), but apart from that the layout is really non existant, just a folded piece of color copied paper but this is just a demo so that's the spirit. There was a time when bands from the east came up with all these professional glossy color tapes and they were only demos, really it never made much sense to me.

Musically Wormphilism are not grindcore, but maybe more into Brutal Death with lots of sludge power riffs which sometimes even remind me of southern rock bands like Kyuss or Mastodon, you know, those super heavy filthy riffs that seem to dig the ground like a plow. There is also some slam chugga chugga guitarwork with guttural "ree" vocals a la Sikfuk/Goratory, but that's not what fills the whole disc, here you got a multitude of aspects of brutality that range from the fast beats to stop and go staccatos a la first-album Fleshgrind. The production is excellent, always considering this is meant to be just a sample. I don't think the band exists anymore but might as well be, since over an year has passed already since I got his. I am not sure but I think the guy who handed me this demo was the same who now runs the band Orifice (email me for infos so I can correct this review if I'm wrong). Brutal Death with some slamming parts and guttural vokillz, might be worth checking out!


Tracks (4): 1 - Coprobaptism 2 - Room of Inhuman Devour 3 - Tunnel of Viscera 4 - Vortex of Sadomasokism