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ATAVISM (Grc): "Post-Mortem Bloodshed" split Cd with PUTREFIED GENITALIA (Grc) 2006 s/p

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 20/06/2006 22:31:00


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Running Time: 21:00

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Time for some genuine underground self-produced stuff now! This is a split Cd between two Greek bands, Atavism and Putrefied Genitalia. While self-produced, the Cd has professional packaging and full color artwork. The layout is very amateurish and a bit cheap but in the end it works, and that new loko looks nice indeed. The cover from this side looks pretty cool with these two screaming zombies, even though I admit I am not a big fan of computer graphics. I first knew Atavism when they sent me their first demo back in 1998 when Nuclear Abominations was still on paper and well, that demo was honerstly plain terrible, that's why I was afraid to put the disc in the player. I can't remember much about it but I remember I didn't like it at all, maybe the totally whacky production, can't tell right now. Anyway I need to check it out again becouse this time the songs sound rather cool to me! The good thing might be that contrary to (well, old) Mortician they have a real drummer that while not blindingly fast does the job at battering the snare drums in semi-blasts a la old (crippled) Mick Harris, so no need for fucking drum machines. This music sounds also total Mortician worship as I remembered well, with the super-bass crushing power chords and goregrind distortion (a la early Squash Bowels). While this music might sound relativbely simple, I think it's indeed quite difficult to come up with the right riffs, or you might easily end up playing tarantella tempo which are definitely not my cup of pus. It's a music that relies totally on good taste and appropiate sound and this Cd delivers in both fields. You got a super-saturated guitar distortion plus zombie guttural vocals, crushing staccato riffs and a genrellay oppressive atmosphere, it's damn good. The last track "Hoggish" has that humid atmospheric wickedness of Catasexual Urge Motivation (hey that's a big compliment for me!) and I can definitely tell this is my favourite of the whole tracklist (it's taken from an Ep recorded in 2002). For fans of dense, obsessively sludgy Death Metal, this is cool shit to get! And let's support some fucking underground for once.


Tracks (8): 1 - Intro 2 - Flesh Eater 3 - Soul Embalmer 4 - A Task of Butchery 5 - Post-Mortem Bloodshed 6 - Silent Night, Bloody Night 7 - Unholy Embalment of Seraphimic Cadaver 8 - Hoggish