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MASACRE (Col): "Ola De Violencia" split Cd with PROFANATICA (USA/Ny) 1992 Osmose

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 19/06/2006 21:43:00


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Code: OPCD005

Running Time: 12:56

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Masacre are from Medellin, Colombia and they play, as they say Brutal Death Metal. Oh well the term was a bit different back then. Just try to imagine the word Death did not stand for a generic "vocal-lyrical style" but as a "concept" that penetrates in the music. They play the music of Death. Hell, yes. I like this Masacre side as much as the Profanatica side, possibly more, although it's a very different genre, and worse yet, I already owned the "Ola De Violencia" MLp before this was released (the Ep was released in two semi-identical versions in runs of 500 copies) so I was already familir with this stuff except for the two live tracks at the end. Masacre's sound is much more "metal", with some Slayer-ish solos, some thrashing riffs and cavernous echoing Death Metal growls... the music is real genuine necromantic Dark/Death Metal and the Spanish lyrics really give the songs a dismal, grisly aura. There are chunks of these songs where the music almost accelerates to the verge of noise - grindcore, just to fall into another vortex of evocative agony. Every riff is well placed and you don't get the hateful metal gallops or some of that shit that sometimes slips in even the best of southern bands. We're really somewhere between noise and gruesome Metal a la Shub Niggurath at times, obscure and sludgy a la Hadez at times, yet everything delivered in a total Masacre way, really I cannot describe it any better. There is chaos and violence as well as darkness in these songs, you don't easily manage to get an effect like this. It's also cool they put English translations close to the lyrics. I suggest you to pick up also the recent collection of Masacre demos out on Obliteration from Japan, that's also unforgettable shit.


Tracks (5): 5 - Sangrienta Muerte 6 - Morbida Implosion 7 - Decadencia 8 - Brutales Masacres 9 - Ola de Violencia