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VV.AA. (n/a): "4 Way Split" Cd 2006 Lacerated Enemy

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 14/06/2006 20:52:00


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Code: LE004-2006

Running Time: 48:01

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This is the second multiple band split release of Lacerated Enemy records, Zdenek's (Godless Truth) own record label. And the very first thing I have to say is that the man has become a fucking great designer indeed! Totally Brutal Death style, extremely neat, this Cd has the first real professional packaging I have seen in a long time, with pictures at the right resolution, crisp characters, no incongruous use of fonts etc. I need pull his earlobes a bit though, becouse despite the excellent design, he placed an advertisement page WITHIN the booklet. You have two pages of ads inside the booklet you paid for, instead of using a separate sheet as mostly everyone does, which is something really wrong in my opinion, especially becouse these shirts are going to be sold out one day, and it's really useless to have them printed in your Cd, but whatever. The guy did all the graphics etcept for Corphagy, and you can really tell, ahah. Look at the blue font on bright red effect, if you wear 3-D glasses you're probably going to find Freddy Krueger among the flames. Oh gawd. Why didn't Zdenek do all the layout here?

UNMERCIFUL: This band from Kansas hits real hard, with a kind of unrelenting, no frills (i.e. no fucking mosh) Brutal Death Metal, that winks vigorously at Disgorge or similar straight ahead purveyors of Brutality. The recording is real good, with a beefed up, full sound, and a double bass that while very precise don't sound too mechanical. Hey this drummer is a powerhouse! Musically this is a blast with fast riffs with tons of harmonics (not as much as old Dying Fetus but you get the point). The vocals are guttural, with some useless screams here and there (seems like everybody find them so cool...), but the whole thing sticks together well. Hugely derivative, yet this genre doesn't really demand for innovation so wtf. Vote: 7.4

CORPHAGY: are from Chicago. I heard they make the best pizzas in the United States in Chicago. Probably they have to compensate for bands like this. The intro they wrote in the booklet sounds a bit pompous (we are here to smash all the boundaries of canonical Death Metal etc), and well, one thing I must admit, they make it to smash all the limits on the worst use of keyboards I have heard since the second Luciferion album. This stuff is really worth of the best (worst) Bal Sagoth. What the fuck is that keyboard shit doing here??? It's completely out of place, it doesn't even follow the music. I thought my TV turned on while listening to these tracks so fucking nonsense it is. I had my share of them in Agiel, go figure what I think of these now. Anyway, while trying to come up with some way to eliminate this noise, if one can concentrate on the music, Corphagy is a decent band musically speaking, very complex and technical, with a bit too much prominence on the bass parts, spoiled by some bad riffs, some terrible vocal patterns, and those goddamn gay kayboards. It is one band which, should it get rid of all this bollocks, might offer interesting ideas, but really there is simply too much shit filling here. And please look at their page in the booklet. Ahaha. Blue fonts on red (yeah I repeat myself but it's so good it's unreal!). Vote: 5

WORMS INSIDE: are again from Chicago, yet a bit better than Corphagy. The drum sound here really sounds like thrashcans beaten with a pipe, and while normally I like the old school demo sound, this band really suffers from it, they play a genre that deserves good production. The vocals are not 100% Death Metal, but more like Hard Core punk like Cryptopsy/Di Salvo era or Pyrexia, yet they sound good enough, if with some strain. While the vocals are good, the music bugs me a bit. It is all the time melodic with that little Swedish vibe, but something is amiss in the chemistry, the guitars are too out of place in the mix. You have melodic riffs, blasting drums and hatred-core vocals, and the thing really mixes like oil and water. I cannot give them a full six, sorry. Ah, please next time remember to write that the Intro is a stand alone track, or you'll find 12 tracks listed on the booklet and 13 on the Cd player display. Vote: 5.5

INFECTED MALIGNITY: from Japan is possibly the most integralist of the four bands here. Super technical, hypnotically precise Brutal Death with lots of guitar licks, slam parts, and a totally US worship style. Guttural vocals, twisted guitarwork and all the rest is genuine, with nice slow, grinding gore parts and complex arrangement etc. yet once I start liking the listening... here it comes: the tragic typewriter machine double-bass sound they inherited from Vomit Remnants!! No really, I like the weird, dry, wooden plank sound of the snare drum, but the double bass is, oh my god, what the fuck is this sound? Can you hear a song when somebody is using a '40 ancient typewriter close to your ears? Well here is what I feel here. The songs are, you know, on the Unmatched Brutality / Unique Leader path, but the typography that was working besides the studios during the recording sessions is really too pervasive. Good shit, if they could only care a little bit to erase that fucking noise. Vote: 6.5


Tracks (13): 1 - Masochistic Rampage 2 - Seething Darkness 3 - Mass Execution 4 - Intro 5- Ascension 6 - Conceiving the Immaculate 7 - Pi 8 - Existance is Futile 9 - Human Shield 10 - Dead to the World 11 - Desperate Death 12 - Revenge to Capitalism 13 - Cruel Recollection