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FLESH PARADE (USA/La): "Kill Whitey" MCd 1998 Relapse

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 13/06/2006 23:41:00


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Code: RR-6998-2

Running Time: 15:24

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Formed in Lousiana in 1990, Flesh Parade started immediately losing pieces on their trip to New Orleans, where they enstabilished themselves and by 1998 released this cool collection Cd on Relapse. "Kill Whitey" is basically the Cd version of their 5 tracks Ep with the third and fourth demos ('93 and '94) as bonus material. Now, all included the Ep clocks just 15 minutes, but what a fuck of blast is this! Here we have a rather primitive yet hugely energic grindcore with a slight Swedish crust touch, and a lot of nasty, violent Hard Core thrown in. I have to be honest, the vocals are among the plainest I have ever heard, it's just a scratchy noise with like 1 single note going all through the songs (it's on purpose obviously, but how fucking boring is this), but the riffs are the real shit, if we could compare them to a recent band I'd say Bolesno Grinje, minus some of their humorous twist. The riffs are headbanging, crunchy mid-to fast tempos, and they really get the fourth dimension after song 6 when you manage to hear their old demo material. The pissed off, vaguely Anal Cunt old-school shriek is still here, yet there is a second guttural roar which paired give out a solid effect, pouding in like other cool dohble vocalist bands (Inhume, VERY early Extreme Noise Terror etc).

The packaging is very bare, and no lyrics are included in this shit 1-sheet "booklet" but I guess they're as humorous as the pics included in the layout: black angry people ranging from the black panthers of South Africa, to savages with penis pipes from some African wasteland. There is some twisted, clever humour in there but I do really have little eelements to describe them further, except that Bill of Exit-13 was included in the mastering. Not Brutal Truth, but cool grindcore to rediscover anyway. The band has recently reformed and they have a label of their own now, Mainstay. Should we expect a full-length album at last?


Tracks (12): 1 - Monsieur Lebeaux 2 - Backstabber 3 - King Cobra 4 - Bite and Get In It 5 - Fat and Gristle 6 - Worthless 7 - Bite and Get In It 8 - Just a Little 9 - Coping With It 10 - Lighten Up 11 - 'Bout Had It 12 - How About Some Good Stuff?