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HYPOCRISY (Swe): s/t Cd 1999 Nuclear Blast

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000


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There's something nostalgic in the distant but heavy melodies in the latest HYPOCRISY stuff. Ever since "The Fourth Dimension", this unlikely association of Death Melody have become more and more evident. The vocals in this new release have somewhat abandoned the grunting approach for the more screaming approach of bands such as IN FLAMES and stuff. Epic and melodic in a very gay way, this disc doesn't convince me, not for the annoying abuse of keyboards to add grandeur nor to the almost epic metal pompous vocals that are sometimes used to raise the level of boldness to the whole work. From second track on the music recalls some of the old HYPOCRISY feel, with fast riffing and heavily rhythmic solutions, although the screams remain and the unadulterated Death Metal has gone to leave some experimentation and at the same time, classic metal influences, and yeah. Maybe even worse, a funny melodic imprint Which I honestly do not need at all, and Death metal needs even less. Note: The CD tracks are unmastered, not that this would help it have some better interest.


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