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SADUS (USA/Ca): "Chemical Exposure" Cd 1988 Roadracer

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 11/06/2006 00:14:00


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Code: RO-9259-2

Running Time: 29:08

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Other releases from this band

Today is my birthday. They say when one dies or comes close to die, one sees his whole life running before his eyes, so I decided to look hindsight and take one classic that really marked me forever. This time I dug up a klassik that was impossibly important in my musical life. Sadus has been one of my favourite bands for a long time as a teenager, I even painted their logo in sickly green on my backpack when I was in middle school. This album is the epitome of speed, voracious speed that destroys everything with a really unsurpassed class. Here we are in a really weird place stylistically becouse this album stands somewhere between Speed, Thrash and Death Metal belonging equally to all scenes, I really would not think it would be fair to catalog it, just as I would not do it for, say, Pestilence's first two albums. This album was recorded after the second demo, under the name "Illusions", produced by John Marshall of Metal Church (shit band) but the cover artwork was changed when it was repressed by Roadracer (Roadrunner's subsidiary dedicated to extreme sounds), I wished I could scan the album cover but I have an A4 scanner so it didn't fit. I scanned the Cd version instead, which is not so common anyway. Now that I have a photo-editing software I tried to bring forth the original image on the cover... well this is the result. I read in a very old fanzine that they decided to change the cover art becouse the two S at the beginning and end of the old logo resembled too much the German SS symbol, but that might be just gossip.

So where to begin? People today like to talk about how talented Steve DiGiorgio is and stuff, but the real point is that this band really had an equal share of talent from all the musician not just the fretless virtuoso, as the songs are tight and, damn, so fucking FAST! Okay now we might have faster bands today but they likely don't give you the "sensation" of being dragged at light speed through the universe and back in 29 minutes (Hey, so much fuss for "Reign in Blood" and this album was as long!). It's just the chemistry of it all that works so splendidly. The drums ae a constant rumble, capable of tricky changes, and this was the very first time I heard a band with a bass solo that I can think of, but really what I loved in Sadus were those atrocious nasty vocals. I can't remember of anybody with that damn shrieking, nerve twitching note, it was really a pity that Darren lost totally this trademark after the second album "Swallowed in Black" becouse the third one already gave signs of rust (not to mention the last stuff...). The atonal, squawking shrills were something perfect and unique in that blend of boiling rhytmic structure and hyperfast techncial riffing. Lots of people had serious problems with this way of singing, and they disregarded the band becouse they couldn't attune to them, but today we're probably used to that (especially after all those horrible 4th generation black metal shit we get every day on MTV). All the songs have abrupt breath-cracking tempo changes and all the rhymes in the lyrics were uttered so quickly they almost sound like a spelling exercise. Really I can't stress how much I fucking love this, it's one of the great masterpieces of thrash and death alike, nothing for me has really equalled the sense of deaththrashing, headbanging, neckbreaking speed I got from "Illusions". I also liked the lyrics, as they were so twisted... there was a neat tinge of negativity and sense of catastrophe related to a faint environmental conscience in them. Sure we have zombies and butchery, but also a wasteland of chemical desasters, nuclear sickness etc. and everything just fits the music so perfectly. Sick green cover, a big nuclear reactor symbol overimpressed on the Cd, lyrics that talk about radiations and chemicals, bass lines that remember boiling concoctions... man this is genius,

We're not much distant from the demo material however, as the first 2 (and third too) demos were already 99% mature for print. They also have been recently reprinted however, so try to get one copy of that repress (I don't know if the sound quality has been retouched however, but the original demos are great anuff). I heard Displeased is reprinting this cult classic, so if you don't have this monster, wait for it to be released (hopefully in a proper way).


Tracks (10): 1 - Certain Death 2 - Undead 3 - Sadus Attack 4 - Torture 5 - And Then You Die 6 - Hands of Fate 7 - Twisted Face 8 - Fight or Die 9 - Illusions 10 - Chemical Exposure