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MORTAL DECAY (USA/Nj): "Cadaver Art" Cd 2006 Unique Leader

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 10/06/2006 15:37:00


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Code: ULR60025-2

Running Time: 36:41

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I always thought Mortal Decay was one of the best Death Metal bands around these days, ever since Kelly left Deathrune to join them, and I was lucky enough to get a demo of the band early on (hey, I need to write a Deathrune review one of these days, that was a fucking great band). Anyway there is a problem when you realize such a masterpiece as "Forensic", and it's that you have to keep that level of intensity even when you change more than 50% of the line-up (seems there is 3/5 of the band is made up of ex-Insatanity members, I made a interview with that band in 1996, I'll try to post it). The vocals have changed a lot this time, less deep and orcish, and much more articulated. I must admit I am not 100% satisfied by this album. Sure it rocks, but compared to the previous one something is amiss. I loved "Forensic" becouse the music was always evolving... every riffs was fading as a new one was dropping in, and you get the idea of a constant mutation, you know, like the metamorphosis of the Xenovore in Alien. The vocals shifted constantly in a continuous monstrous evolution... Well this album is still 100% Mortal Decay, yet there is a real sovrabundance of solos, drum tricks, technical showoffs etc. While we had all of these in the previous album, here things seem as cut and pasted in a too classical manner. We are not one but two full feet behind this time, just take the opening riff of "Butcher Knife Phlebotomy" and strip it of distortion and you almost get an Hard Rock gallop. Really I have heard this album thrice and still feel like there is nothing to discover. Fast-slow, fast slow, solos everywhere... forgive me but it's been quite a delusion. There are some riffs which are really hateful tarantella, everything seems just fucked up. How could this happen to a band like this? It's as bad as the new Abscess, and I am saying a hard thing... The packaging is good stuff from the exterior, starting from a real delightful Par Oloffson work, though the interior is rather bare... just yellow font on black, the graphic artist should have taken 3 minutes to assemble it. Honestly, I won't buy this album myself.


Tracks (10): 1 - Consumation 2 - Cadaverous Sculptures 3 - Butcher Knife Phlebotomy 4 - The Ravenous Addiction 5 - Cadaverous Sculptures 6 - Re-Animate 7 - Ripped, Chopped, Severed 8 - Ruthlessly Scissored 9 - Exit Mortality