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URINE FESTIVAL (Hol): "Of a Ermaphroditic Enema & an Urophilic Pissparty Pleasure" Cd 2006 Klysma

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 09/06/2006 23:16:00


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Code: KLYSM003

Running Time: 65:29

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Ayeah! I really like this shit! This band has everything was missing in Tumour in my opinion. Here we have the mighty Urine Festival, among the very first cyber-goregrind projects ever, dissected early on from the ribs of an early incarnation of Last Days of Humanity (probably the bone just fell off due to severe infection and suppuration of the necrotic flesh around the smoldering pus filled maggot swarming ribcage, ah ah!). This Cd looks simply delicious, the layout semi professional, if the pictures were of correct resolution here might have had something of the level of a Black Hole release, if we talk about graphics. The borders are bloodstained and you get these nice photos of surgery over severely infected genitalia. The chick in the cover has been probably sewn for reconstruction after infibulation or something similar, becouse there are stitches everywhere and a catheter jutting out of her fucking great lips. The choice of using small, unreadable fonts in dark green on red might be debatable but it might not be totally out of place. this is not a simple release after all, so why you should have a nice time reading the titles?

So Urine Festival plays cyber-gore shit or porn-gore with drum machine or whatever. I have been following this band for a long time and it was fantatic to hear a full length Cd at last had been released by the man Marc himself and his fantastic Klsyma records (finally back on the scene after the not so recent Last Days of Humanity/Stoma) . Here we have again the fantastic, gurgling, boiling water effect vocals we loved so much in Tumour, yet what differs here is the rest of the instruments: things are totally blasting and ton heavy here, with real churning brutal riffs; sometimes this band even remind me of Catasexual Urge Motivation, when things go totally fast and crazy. The distortion of all string instruments is fucking brutal, as heavy as old Squash Bowels or Dead Infection, yet the drum machine, even when blasting, is programmed to give the feel of constant breath-cutting pounding, so you never got a release from the thick fog of fetid urine miasma and genital infections this band assembles. Songs here are real short, averagely running from 4 to 30 seconds, ending up at just 30 minutes before the ending 35 minute long 66th track (soo Satanic! Ahr Ahr). Some porn samples in the mix just to give some break to this maelstrom. The samples are not always in the beginning of the songs, but mostly scattered, like old Meat Shits (cult). The Cd is really not overly varied but as I said with "Consume the Forsaken" by Disgorge (another cult album, yet totally different stuff), that's what probably makes it possible to hear an album like this for hours without tiring. Track 66 sounds like some experimentation, here we have the two guys fucking from the beginning of the Cd once again screwing some meat. You hear this moaning and grinting for a 30 minute fuck with jazzy drum tempos in the background as if someone had placed a mic in the middle of a rehearsal room, but in the end you get a bonus 30 seconds track.

Super heavy and sick, yet the drum machine and totally inhuman vocals might not appeal people into Brutal Death Metal only, independently how furious. But this is an important release indeed, as it was really among the first on this kind of experiments. If one wants to hear how a cyber-goregrind band sounds I'd definitely suggest this!


Tracks (66): 1 - A Desired Surgical Procedure that Interferes with the Change of Sex by Reconnecting the Urinary System as a Result that the Prostate Releases a Fetid Secretion of Gonorrhoea Caused by Insufficient Genital Hygiene 2 - Urethral Shock 3 - Pleurourieczema Caryapiocianeuse Pitodenal Release With the Loss of External Smegm 4 - Lybidoous Symptoms for Clitoral Pyorrhoea ... 62 more (give me time)