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HYPNOS (Cze): "In Blood We Trust" Cd 2001 Morbid

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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How do you define this band? Weak. That's what I can manage to say. While not as absolutely weak and boring as SIX FEET UNDER or BENEDICTION, this band has nothing that can be described as interesting, if not the names KRABATHOR and IMPALED NAZARENE behind their shoulders. They have a good structure as the core of the singular songs, rather dense and pounding, but they get ruined by overly easy listening riffs for heavy metal fans (notice the small caps) when they shift into absolutely forgettable mid-tempos. The vocals are tired, the bridges agonizing for my ears, and the solos as melodic as those of any regular power metal band. Yes sure the overall thing is not completely to dispose of but the rest which makes up 80% of the disc is tedious to the least. Of course I wonder why Morbid sent me 5 of this crap when I asked for other CDs without requesting me for alternatives. While not that bad, they fall into the limbo of absolute mediocrity. This album is their second after a self titled MCD.


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