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CEREBRAL TURBULENCY (Cze): "Germ of Error" Cd 2003 Khaaranus

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2004


Cover Art

Running Time: 18:16


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The new Cerebral Turbulency album undoubtedly blasts off everything they recorded before. Admittedly not a huge appreciator of the band in its earliest days, I acknowledge this band has grown to a full bodied, high speed, energic grindcore of the finest sort. This album really smokes with speed... While vaguely comparable to old Napalm Death Harmony/Utopia era in the guitar dept., it is the appalling drumwork which rises the album by a shot. Not to mention the very good use of the vocals, which drop from high screams that meld with cymbals to a different sort, vaguely


Tracks (13):