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STRIBORG (Aus): "Embittered Darkness/Isle De Morts" Cd 2006 Displeased

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 31/05/2006 22:21:00


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Code: D-00147

Running Time: 63:25

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This Striborg Cd has arrived with a promo sheet that bears a statement from Sin-Nanna (one man behind the band): "No Contact, No Interviews". I am always puzzled by these misanthropic black metal penguins: if this guy totally hates everything and just wants to drown inward into his own depression, why does he care to put up a record label and record his music for us to hear? It would make more sense to me that if I were so bored by humanity I would record a tape in my basement and listen to it alone. Bah. And there is really some kind of thread I could not follow exactly: this band previous monicker was Kathaaria, which is possibly a distortion of the word Cathar, the religious/philosophical gnostic movement that proclaimed the god in the old testament is truly Satan, and that we have to struggle to separate from the material world and ascend to a higher level of immaterial knowledge, like Christ (to sum it up very roughly). But this guy's name is taken straight from Sumerian mythology (Sin and Nanna are the same god of the moon from different regions, so it's just like saying Ares-Mars or Zeus-Jupiter), and the name of his band is taken from a Slavonic god (well one letter is missing but I think taht's it). The lyrics are about depression, solitude, forests etc etc. you know, same old penguin bolocks, but they are also a praise of love towards mother Earth (but wasn't this guy against everything the material world represents? Shouldn't he hate Earth as well?), as if only in the true nature he can find peace. With a one step reasoning I guess that's a way to say that the forests represent the pagan gods and the true spirit of mankind, and the forest were reduced by the bad christians that wanted to suppress paganism in order to bring forth the word of the false jewish god etc.. Well since the guy is not answering interviews we probably will never know (curious, if the guy only finds peace in the forests what does he do with a recording deck and a guitar?).

So we have to move on the music. The recording is abysmal but that's a good point I think, Black Metal is surely not about the Morrisounds. Here we have very slow, depressive music, that develops on a layer of buzzing similar to the noise you get when you miss the record when lowering the head of your record player and it scratces the mat. Sin-Nanna always proclaimed he's in for the worse sound possiible and here I accept and respect his decisions. You can't really tell what happens in there so the music is mainly rendered by the casual keyboard and distant, droning variations. Despite this is described as depressive Black Metal we're far from Burzum, brobably hanging somewhere between Death Noise and Ambient music with vocals that sometimes awake from slumber and throw in some words. In the end I admit I catch the totally unhuman, life-draining spiritual starvation moon this music wants to recreate, although I also felt in a similar way listening to the noise emitted by a TV channel that got out of synch while I was writing and didn't notice until half an hour later... or maybe one of the thousand other suicidal black metal bands I have heard at Buio Omega, really I prefer bands that spill blood on stage, gas masks, spikes etc, not misogynists. The vocals surprisingly don't suck however, they are malignant enough to meld into the background of buzzing noise and 1-2 step hypnotic beating. One thing I can state as positive about this band is that this is really, REALLY basic. It is really stripped of all embellishments (save some melody that seems to be part of most black metal save Revenge), and totally bare. If I were into this music I'd buy it.

But I am not, sorry. Black Metal for me is not this shit.


Tracks (16): 1 - Protagonist of Misanthropic Virtures 2 - Wrapped in a Cocoon of Harms Way 3 - Race of Apathy 4 - In the Eerie Pre-Dawn Silence of the Cold 5 - Embittered Darkness 6 - Digging a Ditch to Die In 7 - Intro 8 - Through the Veils of Darkness 9 - Descending from the Blackened Sky 10 - Holding the Throne of Night 11- The Day for My Kingdom to Rule 12 - The Cold Slumber that Awaits Me 13 - Return of the Dark Lord 14 - Landscapes of Mist Cast Across the Steel of Cold 15 - In Darkness... 16 - Mist