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ABOMINATOR (Aus): "The Eternal Conflagration" Cd 2006 Displeased

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 30/05/2006 22:57:00


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Aah! Finally we have some real Black fucking Metal here! Abominator's stylistical development during the years has been minimal but preceptible, and I think it's a good thing becouse they were already great from the beginning. However, huge compilments this time becouse the band has really delivered the goods this time.

I will not go in detail on the differences between this effort and their previous works, suffice it to say that I really think this album is Abominator's finest release so far. The production is as heavy as in "Subversives for Lucifer", with fantastic, devastating riffs totally Australian in feel, the kind of riffs to headbang at until you snap your neck. Abominator plays extremely violent ad brutal Black Metal they way I wish every Black Metal band could play, they're not just penguins with instruments. I hear some riminiscence of Angelcorpse (godz) , and I might be swayed by the band pic, but I really feel preceive some faint melody during the chord progressions which sound a bit Immortal as well ("Pure"-"Battles" era, before they had become shit as well), even if not always, they were probably more prominent in "Nuctemeron". The whole music is a damn fast, pushing forward second after second without gay slamdance breaks. The vocals have never really sounded so good, real evil and ferine, I found them a bit too screechy in the previous three albums. Bestial and cruel, the singer now growls as if he has blood in his mouth, sometimes it has some echo and gets double, and they just add depth to the chaos. And here we have solos too! It sounds a bit weird to hear solos nowadays so they deserve a special note, they are short and convulse, maybe a bit like old Slayer, but they're here in the chaos and they are real great to hear. The king of this album is definitely the guitarwork however, how incredibly cool are these riffs? I believe this shit is by far among the best we have in Australia these days, becouse it retains all the thrash feel without sounding to retro (hey I got really bored by Destroyer 666's metal mosh and you?). Drumming is killer too, pounding with force but not as cold as many "Brutal USDM" styled bands. It is definitely full with brutality to the brim, but still totally metal, the music has great hooks that drag you in. This is one of the top albums I got from Australia so far. Thank you!

I cannot tell much about the packaging but it looks totally pro, as we'r etalking about a relatively big label this time. The cover artwork is by our priased "Thorncross" Moyen, but I insist that color really spoils much of the atmosphere his works create. I really wish this was left in black and white. But yet compared to other horrendous colorings I have seen in the past (Purtenance etc.) this among the best, only the goat skulls are a bit out of place. The lyrics look like evocations of dark, ancient war gods, huge pestilences and cataclysmic desasters. Real Black Metal lyrics. Ah!


Tracks (8): 1 - Mutilate 2 - Desecrator of Sanctuary 3 - Diabolical Darkness 4 - Sarcarium Tormentorium 5 - Blasphemous Embellishment 6 - Tyrants on Your Warpath 7 - The Eternal Conflagration 8 - Hellfire Armada