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HOLLOW (Swe): "Architect of the Mind" Cd 1999 Nuclear Blast

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 01/01/2000



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People that know me know that every band which as clean vocals to me is IRON MAIDEN. If I enter a shop when they have some Power Metal band on, the first thing I say is "Hey, I know this song, it's from some IRON MAIDEN ALBUM". But then lot of people (not friends of mine mainly) like IRON MAIDEN and maybe they can get into HOLLOW as well. Too easy to use their name for a joke. But this is very sterile, child music. I figure this band is playing somewhere posing like rock stars and they even have following. I can't but imagine some big, drunk Goregrinder smashing their pretty faces with spiked boots. Damn, this music is intolerable...get out this shit from my puter.


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