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NIKUDOREI (Jap):"Genital Torture" Cd 2000 HG:Fact

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 25/05/2006 19:30:00


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Code: HG-119

Running Time: 59:48

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Ok here we have a rarther challenging Cd to describe. Nikudorei (means "sex slave" in Japanese) is a crazy grindcore/noiscore project featuring the relatively famous guy from Facialmess. What we have here is a sort of crossover between free grind, with hysterical vocals (not entirely natural apparently, they have a thin film that mioght be just a low quality mic but nonetheless sound quite artificial, as if they come out of a walkie-talkie), very fast blastbeats and stuff. What changes here is basically that instead of string instruments our dear Kenny (a.k.a. Facialmess) overlaps a layer of deranged sythn/broken frequnecies sounds, so you get a weird mix of pissed off grind and heavy Death Industrial The songs here are 99 and the whole disc lasts one hour so you have time to fall in symbiosis with this chaos, in the end you find it even makes sense, in a weird way. What's intersteing is that each track is recorded lower than the previous one so it kind of dies slowly... Some tracks are completely electro, either a high piercing note (track 49 is endless 5 minutes) or a buzz from a driller, but generally I think a grinder can definitely get into this shit. I have read this is a repress from 1997, but I have no real idea. I love the artwork, it just fits the insane concet thread of torture - mutilation - rotten corpses - bondage - sadomasochism, but that's not a new ground for those into heavy electronics, it just tries to catch all that's sick. Appreciable I dare. The cover artwork is definitely Mike Diana, the artist who was jailed for indecency (you probably know his worls from the great porn band Whore) you just see half of it since the other half is the last page in the booklet, have a look at the whole artwork here. The inner booklet is beautiful, in sharp contrast with the full color Japanese madness of the front art, it's black and white pictures of the lements listed above (bondage etc.) with writings ingegnously arrayed all acros the pics. Half of them are Japanese so I can guess half of it are translations. The song titles are explicative, all centered around extreme sex and fetish. Nikudorei is primarily a live band (many recordings are indeed live) but also released some tapes and 7", including a beautiful split with Anal Massaker (must have), one with D.I.E., a three way 12" with G.B.N., and a very rare 7" split with Corrupted which was printed only for their American tour, limited to 100 copies. Plus who know what else. If you feel like start collecting this stuff I have to warn you, some of these items can be a pain to find...


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