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HATEFUL (Ita): "Tworzenia, Resurrezione, Dèmence" split Cd with HELLSPAWN (Pol), IMPUREZA (Fra) 2006 Nihilistic Holocaust

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 24/05/2006 20:27:00


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Running Time: 45:43

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Other releases from this band

Hateful comes from my city, but honestly I have never been overiMpressed by their previous works. Seems as if they were circling around the perfect chemistry in songwriting for years, with even some moments of distraction due to various line up glitches that culminated in forgettable side-projects. Anyway, color me impressed this time becouse the opening track is a fucking blast! The songs are surgically precise, with a work behind the drumkit which is really not just imposing but also so meticolous it splits the second. The band of referral here might be definitely Hate Eternal, so here I can cite the same words I wrote for Hellspawn, this is a brutal concoction of Death and Metal but far from the American clichès. I still tend to like the fastest parts better, as the vocals are not very deep and they just seem to fit perfectly the music when it blurs: my opinion is that the mid-tempo bridges (as in the first 40-50 seconds of track 8) could be definitely be either omitted or perfectioned. IIRC, the band name Hateful is a homage to the song "Blood on My hands": "Hateful seed inside me, Scald my mind of all but truth...".


Tracks (3): 6 - Ravenous 7 - Built on Nothingness 8 - Piercing Through Shadows