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HELLSPAWN (Pol): "Tworzenia, Resurrezione, Dèmence" split Cd with HATEFUL (Ita), IMPUREZA (Fra) 2006 Nihilistic Holocaust

Review by: Necrogoregrinder | 24/05/2006 20:27:00


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Running Time: 45:43

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Other releases from this band

This is a 3 way split that contains demo tracks from three band: one from Poland, one from Italy, one from France. The name of the album is commposed by three words, one for each language the bands speak. There is a solid thread that links the three bands as all three play skillful Death Metal that has no ties to the American scene but is neither devoid of brutality. Let's say the brutality in Hellspawn comes from speed, a drumming which recalls a bit of late Morbid Angel, and a classic approach to the songs. I like the fact that the structure themselves are taken straight from the early nineties, if Death Metal developed differently we might probably get soemthing akin this. I'd dare to throw in the names of Yattering, Decapitated and Behemoth but since these are three Polish band my words might be taken as cheap and inimaginative so think of Necroblaspheme and 7th Child as well! This is classic Death Metal, brutal but not in modern terms, with a good load of solos, guitar twists and a nice Morbid Angel riminiscence (drumwork first, guitar sound second). Vocals could have a bit more impact, if I have to find a flaw. The packaging is very simple, and I am not really loving the cover picture (dried leaves? What the..?) but generally you have a black and white contrast which is real nice. It's a pity the inner side of the cover is a bit faded, a cripser black would have ruled totally. If one likes Death Metal but is bothered by the race for the biggest pants and the moshier riffs of American DM this is a fucking great choice. A superior level band here.


Tracks (5): 1 - Hypocrisy 2 - Legion 3 - Antimary 4 - Velvet Sashes of Voices 5 - Voices of Damnation